Iron Chelation Program..


You can even donate 500, you can donate anonymously, I know this is my personal account and my organization isn’t registered but me and my family is helping #thalassemia community since more than a decade Alhamdulillah. You can always ask me for proofs, receipts, you can ask any question..

If can’t donate then please share the post. Help save lives. JazakaAllah khair

Help us bring betterment in their lives..

Some updates..

Alhamdulillah 3 new fellows from Fatimid Foundation Karachi got sponsored for transfusions & iron chelation

3 kids sponsored thalassemia Karachi transfusion chelation iron

Alhamdulillah each month all our sponsored fellows are getting their required medicines on time, Alhamdulillah! [few glimpses]

Was invited as a panelists for Transfusion Issues in Thalassaemia Management in Pakistan / Experience Sharing From TIF 2017 Conference by Safe Blood Transfusion Programme, Pakistan in December, 2017 _ Islamabad

thalassemia seminar

There’s so much needed to be done, have lots of plan for the betterment of thalassemia fellows of Pakistan.. I hope together we can bring more betterment, ameen..!