Rang-e-Hath – Red Handed!

Asalaam o Alaikum All & Heylo All

My very first post on this blog.. I liked this place 😀
Well, I never wrote blog before… Few days ago I started writing on another site.. Click here to check it out, I didn’t like it much..Then a friend of mine said that Why don’t you start your blog on Blogger.com, Khair, its a longggggggggggg story, will tell you some other time :D!, let me start writing the blog I want to write ;P

While having dinner, dad was asusually watching TV (Its his favorite time to watch Geo, Ary, Indus about political issues), few days ago I heard about a new program called “Rang-e-Hath” on Geo, I don’t like political programs much, but if the host is intelligent, smart, genius and know how to provoke the guest then I love to watch the episode.. So I thought Rang-e-Hath would be a political program too, but as it was going to start my dad said “Check this, they will show how students cheat” (Urdu: Ayesha yeh log dekhane waley hain ke talib-e-ilm naqal kaise kerte hain) And I heard it like (Ayesha yeh log dekhaney waley hain ke Qatil kaise karte hain) And I was Hain Kia!? He said Yes! They gonna show everything.. : Khair, program started with few cool lines, tanziya lines you can say, the compare was a one funny guy, they showed a College where students were going to give Intermediate Exams, first they showed the security or call it “Watch the Cheater team” few police men who were on duty for checking the cheaters and security were sitting on chairs and doing chit chat with the students, and few were out-side the College in a Dhabba (Tea Stand) enjoying tea and chit chat, behind them were few guys hiding Pharrey (cheats) in the pants, shirts and all, then the camera went in-side the College, a whole team was there to help the student for cheating :

Team members and their work:
1) To solve the paper
2) To write down the roll-number of the guy who need the solved paper
3) To take money for the paper (He gave 150 for the paper :\)
4) To go and give the paper to the person given money

Woah! They are doing naiki ka kaam? Nahi?, they showed an examiner helping students in cheating, solving papers for them, going in and out in Different Classes and checking whether everything is alright or they need something..! The director and Producer of the program Afreen Mehdi has done a wonderful job by telling the in-side story I think..

I knew that cheating is Aaam in the board exams, but I wasn’t known by this situation.. Its simply NEW to me.. And am damn sure… Board Team gonna work against this.. Maybe they increase the members of their vigilance team they send to Colleges, Or they increase the numbers of Chappay they do :\, But I didn’t get what our generation is doing :s I feel ashamed to be among them.. Or to be called a person in this generation..

May Allah helps them!

-am done-
ps: Try to watch the episode of Rang-e-Hath, Its superb.

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