One Click..

Hmm, I have always been thinking that how can I help my brother in his good cause.., he never asked for my help, never :), let me tell you about his good cause, as many of us know that he owns Thalassemia.Com.Pk, and he have some google banners on his site which pays him some cents on Users’s click, At the end of the month or 2 months Google gather that cents and sends Salman (my brother) a cheque which he cash and gives to needy people, he has been doing this from 3 years, but few months ago he couldn’t continue Website for few days.. he doesn’t spend money on his domains & hosting, he is a proffesional webmaster, whatever he earns he try to spend on Site and needy patients, this time he brought a short url for the site which is TFPak.Com – Thalassemia Free Pakistan :), I think not only me, all you should come and help him, nahi? Then why waiting 😉

Just visit Thalassemia.Com.Pk OR TFPak.Com & click on the banner, voila 🙂 you have just earn a good deed ;)!!!

Its easy, earning good deeds wasn’t easy.. heh, now you can help Needy Patients by just clicking 🙂

Well, this is just my Smallest try for Salman, I hope he continues working for the Needy Patients and the people around us 🙂 and I pray that Allah bless him with health, wealth and everything he wish!

may Allah bless you all!
Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!

5 thoughts on “One Click..”

  1. Hi, Ayesha.
    I quite appreciate your brother’s efforts for the patients of thalessemia. And I hope they are successful. Anyway, it’s all upto us, isn’t it? To make a difference in this volunteer.
    Take care.

  2. Ops, ergh, am late here… khair Thanks a lot Kanwal : ) you are 101% right it all upto us : ) how we read, how we react : ) thanks for the comment : )

    Teeth Maestro: Aaaaaaaaaaah! Brother don’t do that!!!, It can make Google team suspend Salman’s account : S, Do it, but in limit ;P Thanks once : )

  3. Dear ayesha, Assalaamu
    alaikum warahmatullah. Im
    really happy over your and
    brother’s wholehearted
    dedication towards a noble
    cause. Good to see young
    muslims like you being an
    example for all of us. May
    Allahta’aala bless you with the
    best of rewards. We will
    Insha Allah help you in your
    noble mission. Allah Haafiz.

  4. Walaikum as Salaam Brother Sadiq,
    Thanks a lot for appreciating, Thanks for helping, just Prayer all the Thalassemics and all Muslim brother n sisters in your prayers 🙂

    Allah Hafiz.

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