Fatimid – Symbol of hope or A group of frauds?

Ajj kisi ke samne Fatimid ka naam lo to kafi se zyada logon ki yehi raye hoti hai ke Fatimid waley Blood beechte hain, fraud kerte hain, logon ko ghair ker blood lete hain, aur jab koi blood lene un ke pass jata hai to woh kabhi nahi dete, yeh woh.. aisi kaye aur batain hain jo mein sunti arahi hon aur abhi tak sun rahi hon..

Friends, let me tell you the relation between my family and Fatimid, its a 20 years old relation, koi kisi ke sath chand months hi reh len to aik rishta sa ban jata hai, yeh to 20 saal ka rista, aetmaad hai jo bohut hi ghehra hai..na toot saka na toot sakey ga, Fatimid wahid Transfusion Centre nahi hai, Hussaini hai, Bismillah Taqi hai, per apna-pan kahan se layen?, app se kitne hain jinhone aik bar blood dia Fatimid walon ko aur kisi se sun lia kay yeh log to khoon beechte hain aur app ne tay kerlia ke bus ab in ko donate nahi kerna, aur app se kuch aise bhi hongen jo blood lene Fatimid gaye aur blood nahi mila keh dia gaya ke is group ka blood nahi hai aur app ne so gaaliyan se nawaz dia Fatimid ko.. laiken kia aik bar bhi app se koi Fatimid gaya? wahan ka Transfusion Centre dekha? Nahi! kisi ko itni fursaat kahan hai? app log sirf beth ker baatain sun sakte hain, baatain ker sakte hain aur un baaton per yakeen kersakte hain.. yeh almiyaa hai humari qoam ka.. laiken kab tak yeh chalta rahey ga?

Pheley meri walida humare sath chalti theen Transfusion ke liye, laiken kuch arsay se hum ne khud yeh zimeydaari utha li hai, walida ko barosa hoga tabhi itne arsey hum ne waheen Transfusion kerwaya aur ab humey akeley bejhteen hain.. hai na? warna kia aisa hota? nahi.., ajj humey itne log kehte hain ke Hussaini chaley jao woh acha hai blah blah, hum Bismillah Taqi bhi afford ker sakte hain baat sirf Apney-Pan ki hai, jo cheez Fatimid mein hai woh kaheen nahi!, ajj jab hum akeley jate hain to wahan ka aik aik staff member humey aker pochta hai, khayal rakhta hai, yeh kia hai? hum ne un ko kia dia hai?? hum to jate hain transfusion kerwate hain aur ajate hain, walida ke sath bhi woh log itna khayal rakhte they, aur ab akeley mein bhi, wahan ki nurses humey apni jaan se bhi zyada aziz rakhteen hain, aik aik cheez ka khayal rakhteen hain, Blood, Desferal sab kuch ka khayal woh rakhteen hain, to aisa kion kerteen hain? humara un se kia rishta? hum kia dete hain un ko? kuch bhi nahi!, wahan ki aik nurse ne to humey apne niece aur nephew bana rakha hai..

Fatimid mein is waqt 12 thousand Thalassemic Patients registered hain, aur ab unhoney ne Registeration band kerdi hai.., kia koi yeh jan sakta hai ke ager woh log khoon beechte hain to 12 thousand patients ko blood kaise dey rahey hain? hairaat hai, nahi? ager woh khoon beech rahey hote to wahan 12 thousand bachey na hote, wahan thalassemia centre na hota, wahan aik blood bank hota sirf aik blood bank! jo khoon ka karobar kerta.. laiken Fatimid aik umeed hai un thalassemia patients ke liye jo month mein 2 ya 1 bar transfusion ke liye Fatimid jatey hain.. aur Fatimid ke staff un ko as a family member treat kerte hain.. yeh un ki mohabbat hai, duty hoti to sirf hi, hello, how are you aur apne kaam tak rakhte, yeh mohabbat hai jo woh humey apne se barh ker chahte hain aur humara khayal rakhte hain : )

Fatimid ke nurses aur doctors ne jab blood ki shortage howi apna blood donate kia, aur itni daffa kia hai ke ab un ko higher authorites ne keh dia ke ager aik aur blood ki bottle dii to un ko khud blood ki zaroorat par sakti hai.. can you EVEN imagine a person like these? nahi.. can you be one among them? NO! its a big big big NO.

Fatimid kia hai, kia nahi yeh app ghar beth ker nahi jaan sakte, you people are blind with having 2 eyes, you are deaf with having 2 ears, am sorry to say.. but this is the fact :), sirf Aik bar Fatimid ka survey karen, aur sachai jaan len..

Mein yeh nahi kehti ke jo ilzaam un per lagey woh jhoote hain, per woh Puraney hain, jaise ke yeh mahawera hai ke “Aik machli sarey talab ko ganda kerti hai” waise hi, kuch logon ne Fatimid ko badnaam kia aur ab tak badnaami Fatimid ke sath hai.., laiken kia un kuch logon ki ghalti ki saza Thalassemic Patients bhugte gen? woh to fraud ker ke chaley gaye.. acha bura dono sath sath chalta hai, jo howa hum bhool kion nahi jate? hum un ka kion nahi sochte jo Fatimid ko apni umeed mante hain? zindagi mante hain?

Aik lamhey ke liye sab kuch chor ker, sirf aur sirf un ka socha, un patients ka jin ki zindagi jeeney ka wahid zariya blood hai, aur blood Fatimid Foundation faraham kerta hai.. sochen woh log kahan se 12 thousand patients ko blood dey rahey hain? yeh saal ki baat nahi, yeh roz ka kaam hai un ka..

Akhir mein sirf aik hi baat.., app ko Allah Tala ne zindagi di hai, app blood ke muhtaaj nahi hai, app Allah ke muhtaaj hain, app ko ashraf-ul-makhlookat banaya hai, app soch sakte hain samjh sakte hain, to apni soch ko positive way mein istemal, na ke negative way mein..

Aur aik baat:
Forget the past, concentrate on the present and Prepare yourself for the Future

Take Cares, Allah Nigheban.!

6 thoughts on “Fatimid – Symbol of hope or A group of frauds?”

  1. We have nothing to prove that we are a nation. We are a mixture of dissimilar elements. Everybody considers himself to be all-good and dubs others as thieves. Thus we fail to appreciate good deeds of others.

  2. Assalam-o-alykum w..w!!

    Ya, i ditto agree with you!

    My sis served some three or so years as a doctor in Fatimid Lahore, and she used to tell about patients and overall system … that was quite impressive.

    I attended the international Thalassemia conference in Rawalpindi in Dec 2003 … all people who came and expressed there fears sorrows but above of all courage throughout was very very impessive.

    We should look towards positivity and seek positivity instead of wasting ourselves after negativity!

    Great blog you have here!!

  3. Walaikum as Salaam,

    Great!!, as a member of Fatimid she must have known the condition of Fatimid Centres :), we are proud of the staff who were with Fatimid and who are still with Fatimid, I won’t forget to mention that, When once Fatimid was bankrupted the staff continued their duties without 3 months pay.. hats off to them!

    Thanks for liking the blog 🙂

  4. last year fatimid setup a blood camp at our college. I called my father and bro to ask there suggestion what should i do? can i donate blood?
    my father said there is no harm in it so i can donate it and so did bhi (he’s doc.).(i was not aware of the after effects)i asked my momm also, she was not happy.

    I just went there and said “Take it, its all your”,within few mins the procedure was complete.
    i just then stood up and went to doc. the doc and nurse again hurridly put me back on bed.They gave me a juice and i rested for a while there.
    I felt nothing as i was told…

    People in Pakistan are not well aware of blood donation.

  5. Very true, they think that donating blood effect their body or their live, but it doesn’t, just we need to give them some awareness and they can do their best I think :)!

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