aaaah!! aik din aye ga.. heh

Aik din ayega to youn gaye ga aaaaaaaaaaaa, yeh gana Jal ne gaya tha, mein is ka second version gaaon geen.. aur woh kuch aisa hoga

Aik din aye ga, likhne ko kuch nahi hogaa

Jee 🙁 I have nothing to write about.. kia likhon?, well lets see what I am upto these days, firstly am looking for my result which is I guess due in September that is my thinking, khair.. and I have got admission in 2nd year, and there are few things which are going around home.. and we call it Tension, heh, never mind.. yehi zindagi hai 🙂 hai na?, what else? oh yeah, I am working with Salman on his new project.. its a huge one.. I can’t disclose anything about it, but I can say that it will rock the world ;P, Am working as a graphics designer for him 🙂 Its like a team work, there are many people with us.. khair…..!! Sheeeeeeeeesh, no talk about it ;P, so what else? nothing at all 🙁 am feeling boredddddddd!!! I have nothing to do, nothing to read, Oh heh, I have this two digests call “Pakeezah, Shuwa” women’s favorite monthly digests :), I will read these for few days.. and hey my dad got us a mp3 player + radio, its a nice one, I will write about it soon, its a nice thing, very small and sweet.. you can carry it anywhere :), well I will write about it tomorrow or day after tomorrow in details :D, I loved it :)!!

Nothing else to talk about 🙁

Allah Nigh-e-Ban!!

10 thoughts on “aaaah!! aik din aye ga.. heh”

  1. Hota hai. Sab ke sath hota hai. When you have nothing to write about and you just sit there in font of your computer. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

    And all the best to you and Salman and all your team for your project. 🙂

    P.S. My name there in your links … it’s Saadat. The double a’s come first. 🙂

  2. Shirazi: You welcome brother 🙂

    Saadat: Yeah right, I was sitting for hours infront of this big monitor doing nothing, and getting bored.. so when I asked my friend what shall I write about? he said just write it ke you have nothing to write about.. heh, so came here to write ;P that was a nice thing too I guess, something new is always enjoyable :).
    Thanks for the wishes & sorry for the mistake, its corrected now 🙂

  3. Sirf itna hai!
    Bhari mehfil main tanha rehna acha lagta hai
    Terey barey main sochtey rehna acha lagta hai .

    Kabhi pholon main ,kabhi kaliyon main
    Tujh ko hi dhontey rehna acha lagta hai

    Meree zindagi ki khushiyan tumhee say hain wabasta
    Rab say sirf tumhein hi mangna acha lagta hai

    Hamarey darmiyan hail rahein sadiyon ki khamoshiyan
    Kuch is tarhan guftugu karna acha lagta hai

    Tumhrey baghir zindagi ka koi tasavur nahi hai
    Kuch is tarhan tumharee tamanna karna acha lagta hai

    Tum hi ko chaha,tum hi ko chahtey hain
    Tumhi ko chahtey rehna acha lagta hai

    Main cheen lon ga tumhein duniya ki rasmon say
    K mujhye zamaney say baghawat karna acha lagta hai

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