Two day’s activities ;p

Finally I got something to write about :p

Its been raining from 2 days.., humarey area mein expected months mein barish nahi howi, and its been 2 days we got to see rain for the first time in 2005 :p, interesting, nahi?

Well yesterday I woke up feeling that fan is off :\ and afterwards I get to know that there is no electricity, having a dad who works in KESC is like having “never going electricity” but sometimes we are under zulm too ;P

And after 2 hours of musalsal rain and there comes the electricity : D, we were like it wont come soon, but my dad was like no they switch off the feeder (something like that) and they will switch On it when the rain will stop.. And that is what happened : )

Meanwhile we did chitchat, masti mazak with Hammad (my nephew) [he was wearing shorts n sleeve-less shirt, I said Hammad yaar yeh to set hai.. na hi garmi lagey aur rain bhi enjoy kerlen is dress mein, humey bhi dila do, he said Jama (Jama Cloth Market) se milte hain, app ke size ke bhi mil jayen gen, I said yaar sleeve-less to bohut achi hai, Salman asked Ayesha what would you this shorts in your normal language? I said hmmm, how about Ghutna-less or knee-less ;P, Hammad made ajeeb ajeeb sey moun and said am going :\, heh it was fun teasing him!], and breakfast..
I thought waking up early (I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t had a good sleep too) will make me frustrated all the day, but Thanks Allah it didn’t, and it went too cool : ), after 12:30, I helped mom for lunch, after praying Zohar I came on net, it was too boring day.. did nothing and yawned all the time :p, then around 5:30 prayed Asar and went to doctor for medicine, came back offer Maghrib, did lunch (Am late lateef, never mind ; )) took my medicine and around 9:30 I was jhoooling in my pc chair with my eyes close.. and Salman said “are ya sleepy too?” I said “yeah, are you too?” he said “yes” and then there we go!! Switched off AC (Air-condition), PCS, lights and goes to sleep (That was real earlier) hmmmm slept all night (interesting :p) and woke up at 11:00 (woh bhi mom ki wajah se, she was yelling :p) but as it was my yesterday’s sleep + my medicine asaar so I woke up at 11:30 :p, did breakfast, watched TV, looked at the weather (as it was changing to clear sky TO dusty sky, dust everywhere), just returned back to sofa and there comes the rain again!! YaY!! Enjoyed!!!!

Nothing else to tell about rain.. except I loved rain and the weather, but didn’t like the keechar :\, hey I watched two new Indian films after a very long time, one was No Entry, it was full of comedy! Except few songs or scenes the film was awesome!! Second was Dil ne jissey apna kaha, it was good too!! But No Entry is awesome!!, let me tell you few lines from the film

Anil Kapoor say Be Positive in every thing he is doing or going to do, one day his colleague asked what the story with Be positive, he said what? Its my blood group LOL ;p

Salman Khan was about to slip from a hill and the same colleague went to him and incidentally goes down with him, as they were hanging Salman asked him “why the hell you came here?” he said “to help you Prem jee (Salman Khan), Salman replied “you are Sunny (colleague’s name) not Sunny Deol”

You won’t love the lines now, but after watching film you will love it!!

Its enough for today ;P
Take Cares, Allah Hafiz All!

3 thoughts on “Two day’s activities ;p”

  1. Your Blog encourage me to write my own blog.. but problem is i dont have enough time.. Will U write for me in my blog 😀

  2. Asma: Hmmmm! Thanks a lot, I will have to think hard ;P about what I was doing 5 years ago : ( mujhey kal ki baat yaad nahi kerti and you are asking about 5 years ago! heh! but thanks a lot : ), yeah apart from joking we should be positive in what ever happens, by the way my blood group is B+ too :p

    Junaid: Am myself a lazy person that sometimes I can’t think what to write and you are talking about your blog? That’s a big No No from my side : D

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