HeeeeeeHaaa Am tagged ;p


Okay, am tagged by Sister Asma, Thanks a lot sister : )

5 years ago:
Hmmz, I have to ask my mom and brother about 2000 ;p because I wasn’t sure that I was in school or not, then I get to know I was and you guys are forcing me to shred tears by remembering those days, because I was forced to study 5th class again (No! I wasn’t a nalaiq student, just because I went to India for the treatment when it was my 5th class examination, so they asked me to repeat because I didn’t give exams), and I hated it too much because I had always secure good position & grades but then also : (, and I got admission on my good grades base. Khair.., so I was in school they were not those best days because I wasn’t satisfied and I was used to take pangay from the so called seniors (They were my class-mates but kismet made them seniors), and at the same moment those were the golden days for my family!! Hammad was 1 year old and it was fun to play with him!! I was use to give him oil massage which my mother told me that its good for bones, and now because of that he is MashaAllah very strong ;p That was me and my memories of 2000

1 Year ago:
Hmmmz, means 2004 it was most depressing time for me and family, Salman fell ill too badly that he was admitted to the hospital for the first time in life and doctors were not telling us anything :s I still remember that morning when we took him to Fatimid when he wasn’t in his senses and it was Fajar time..

5 songs I know all the words to:
There’s a list of songs which I like, but there’s only few songs which I know words by words, but mostly I love singing with the song when Jet-Audio is playing.
As Long As You Love Me – BSB, Main Ne Dil Se Kaha – ROG, Dharak Dharak – Bunty aur Babli, Sali To Mani Nahi – Shehzad Roy, Mohabbatein Lutaaunga – Abhijeet Sawant

5 Snacks I enjoy:
There’s a longgggggggg list of snacks I love (Okay Ayesha its about Snacks they are not asking about all types of food hehehe) but then also there is a list, long na sahi per hai :d
French Fries all the time!!, Tea!, Bunkababs!, Channa Chaat (Choolay), Fruit Chaat

5 Things I’d do with $100 million dollars:
Hmmmz, if I ever ever ever get them I will do the things given below:
I will buy a bungalow (which my mom will choose, its her wish that I want to full-fill), Will perform Umrah and Hajj with Salman n mom (if Allah invited us!!), Hmmm I will go for Pakistan Tour with Salman n mom ;)!, Donate a big amount for the betterment of Fatimid, Thalassemia research & to needy people, Will do lots of shopping for family!!!

5 places I would run away to:
To my maaaaa’s lap, to the bed!, to Umair bhai, All over the Pakistan!, hmmm Net!! 😀

5 things I would never wear:
See-through dresses (transparent ones), Sleeve-less shirts, Skin-tight clothes, Chamkeeley colors (what you call them in English ;P? Bright colors?) I have so far found only 4 things ;

5 favorite TV shows:
Ana – Geo, Dhuwaan – PTV, Tanhayaan – PTV, Aagan Teera – PTV, Zaib-un-Nissa – PTV

5 greatest joys:
Mom’s happiness!, Salman’s happiness n success, everything related to Umair bhai!!, My family & when my prayers are answered! (Am MashaAllah blessed that none of my Prayer hasn’t been denied by Allah!! 😀 love you Allah!) there are many like Helping my friends, Sharing my things with anyone, Caring about someone Or when anyone cares about me (it makes me feel special!) 😛 Net, Hammad, and many more!

5 favorite toys:
Cell phone (whether its mine or anyone’s, specially dad’s n Salman I love them ;p), 2 teddy bears (completely owned by Salman :(), Jet-Audio!, Photoshop!!!, mIRC!!!

5 People I’m Tagging:
I don’t know too many people on this Blog Earth, but still I would love to tag:
Danial, Saadat, Humaira, Ghazal Pirzada, Gul-e-Geti

5 thoughts on “HeeeeeeHaaa Am tagged ;p”

  1. Great answers! Dhuwan is there in my favourites’ list too. And keep praying 🙂
    And thanks for tagging me (and thus, giving me a chance to write about something!). I’ll update soon.

  2. Assalamoalaykum w.w.!

    Ahh great to know about ur 5 top most things!

    Well, i like angan terha and dhuan a lot too 🙂

    And u r such a small kiddo, in matric, i guess.

    Best wishes and prayers for ya!

    Allahhafiz n take carez

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