Good Deeds!

The world is not empty from “Naik Log” there are many people by whom the world is going on and the good deeds are going on… by them the Shoukat Khanam, Abrar-ul-Haq’s hospital and many originations are working and helping peoples.

Today when we were at Fatimid for transfusion, two ladies entered the room for Blood Donation, she asked about us, and we asked about them… during our talk we got to know that one of the ladies is Squash Player Jahangir Khan’s wife and other lady was her neighbor cum friend, Jahangir Khan’s wife wasn’t scared, but the other lady was scared of Needle, Jahangir’s wife was continuously telling her to calm down and was too much ambitious about blood donating MashaAllah, I asked her who motivated her for donating? She said “like we give “zakaat” “khairaat” I think we should also give our body’s share in “zakaat” too, so as the holy month is here so I thought why not do some good deeds? She also said “after death the blood wont be there, so when you have time why not donate it?” she told us that people don’t come forward to donate blood because of lack of awareness, she asked the Fatimid camp arranging team to gather all the information about Donating and to answer the questions that a person have about donating blood :)!, and make some book for it and distribute it all over the Karachi and all, and she also said that she can help in arranging camp in DHA and Clifton.

I think this is awesome, someone can be this much ambitious is like ‘Too Good’ for Thalassemics :)!

When you get depressed and sad because of the situation around you about blood and donations and at the same time when just a little window gives you some light that doesn’t give light but lots of HOPE! And makes you believe that Allah is there! And he won’t leave you alone 🙂 and there are people like Jahangir’s wife and many other who are ambitious and like to do something for this society.

I will end my post here with Jahangir’s wife wording she said and I liked

“Don’t think what society has given you? Just think that what you have given to society?”!

Take Cares, Allah Nigh-e-Baan

11 thoughts on “Good Deeds!”

  1. Brother Jawwad: then the world won’t be longer a place to live or survive.., may Allah save us from that time! (Ameen)

    منیر احمد طاہر: خیر مبارک جناب :)!۔
  2. Awesome! Awareness is increasing in peoples and celebrities are coming forward to encourage peoples… Great!

  3. Assalamoalaykum .w.w!

    Masha Allah, there are still many people amongst us who ares triving for well in the society, May Allah be with them and us !!!

    Great thoughts of her u’ve mentioned in the ending of post!!

    Take carez
    Wassalam & Allahhafiz

  4. Junaid: yep! its Awesome!!

    Sister Asma: Walaikum as Salaam, Ameen for the prayers and thanks for liking the post 🙂

    Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

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