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As you may have already noticed (if not then you should go and have your eye sight tested) that this blog is now having a new Layout, Interface, Design whatever you call it.. anyways i have tried to test every part of the blog but there might be some places where layout is not properly appearing or some errors appearing instead of the actual content.. if you see such errors please reply to this post about where you saw that error or whatever..

Also please do tell me how is the new layout 😛


12 thoughts on “New Layout”

  1. @Salman: Nice layout, nothing unusual,

    if you add some ‘light’ background color to the date handle it create a horizontal rule kinda look b/w title and the text.

    I am tagging you 🙂
    @Ayesha: Im waiting for your post.

    For questions visit my blog and follow the link i’ve posted in the comments.




  2. pathetic

    very pathetic template

    please make one for me tooo

    please please pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  3. Aisa lag raha hay jaise TM ne nashe main comment dia hay 🙂 aik taraf pathetic kah rahay hain aur doosri taraf aik layout bana ke dene ki farmaish kar rahay hain 😛

    Decide karlo uncle phir post karna.. 😆


  4. Harris: InshaAllah soon I will post my answers, I was about to do it last night, but as I was very tired so couldn’t write, will write it soon :)!

    Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

  5. salman Its very difficult to read comments, add white background , or is it just me who can’t see the background image/color 🙁

    ~best Regards


  6. 🙂

    Its a wonderful template…

    pathetic, I tried to show jealousy…envy…

    mashaAllah pretty nice template…

    Yeah, Harris sahee kah raha hai, try some light color as background in comments, maybe fawn!

    Good show Salman, cha gayee ho, I must say a very neat and clean and organised template!

    Very very impressive!

  7. Janiiii Ye Templateeeee Hai … haath lagao tow Gunda hojata hay ….. 😛

    Greatttttttt Salmannnnn .. i like this background .. just as Haris had mentioned in comment system u need to do something to make words visible 😉 hope so it will fix soon
    Overall its Awesome template

  8. LOLZ at envy shown for template here … salman great job … very very beautiful … even this comment box looks marvellous 🙂

    You should b happy after seeing this comment box for this very post 😛

    Take carez

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