Belated Happy Birthday To Me :p

Yeah right, Belated Happy Birthday To Me :p It was my birthday on 8th December, finally completed my seventeen’s and entered in eighteens… now I can proudly say that am eligible to give votes, and to have an ID Card…. Let’s see what I did on 8th…

Received a call from a cousin who is in Islamabad around 11:30 because he had to wake up early in the morning so he called me half an hour before 8th and wished me, thanks Fahad bhai :), then another cousin wished me on net, thanks Junaid, then lots of IRC friends and msn friends then a call from school friend who always remember to call me exactly at 12:00 and wished me Thanks S, after I hanged up the call my family wished me and after that I had a longggggggggggggg chat with Umair bhai, love you bhaya :)!, stayed online till 7:00 am and went to sleep… woke up at 11:00 am had a breakfast…. per what is this 🙁 I have cold cough and fever from the morning :(( offered Zohar, had lunch around 4:00 pm and slept for 2 hours, woke up at 6:00 pm said bye bye to Hammad as he was going to doctor for plaster removal… he came back at 8:30 pm with old plaster removed and new plaster is on but its smaller than old one, did dinner around 9:30 pm and saw those Indian Crappy Dramas and had soup around 11:30 as a birthday treat :p its only sometimes that I ask for Cake otherwise its always Biryani, Burger or anything we like to eat… and now its 12:50 means my birthday is gone 🙁

In the last I would like to thanks all my friends who wished me on phone, through sms and through net… thanks a lot 🙂

Umair bhai am still waiting for your wishes 🙂

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz all

11 thoughts on “Belated Happy Birthday To Me :p”

  1. janooo meri jaan… mei teray qurbaaaaaan :-), wishes… u know all of my best wishes are fer u phir why only on birthday… I wish the best for u everyday. Ki hai na phir maar khanay walli baat :-). Allah meri behan ko chaaaaaaaaaaaaaand sa bohat roashan DAMAGH day :P. Ayesha meri choti si lado si guria.. Allah keray aap ko zindagi mei sirf khushiyaan hi khushiyaan naseeb hoN aur duniya aap ki jannat.. aur jannat asal walli sonay per suhaga bannay :-). Ameen!!!
    Wish u not Happy Birthday.. but the belated birthday.. the next day.. today.. tomorrow.. next day.. next next n so the whole week.. the next week.. the whole month.. next month…… so the whole year.. next year… and the whole life :=). Ab araam hai?

  2. LoL! Thanks 😛 and ameen to your prayers bhaya :)!! I know you wish the best for me everyday per birthday to birthday hoti hai na 😛

    Take Cares, Allah Hafiz 😀

  3. I am always late when it comes to wishing borthdays, but since you yourself delayed the post by one day, so I guess it’s not that bad after all 😉

    Happy belated birthday! And many happy returns! 🙂

  4. oooh sooory.
    actually I was busy in exams thats why i couldnt visit anyone.

    but still Happy birth day.

    app yeh batana bhool gai ka app kitne salo sae 17 saal ki thi?
    har 100 saal bad 1 saal barhta ha? lol :@

  5. WiseSabre: Thanks…

    kitne salon se 17 ki thi? well sirf 1 saal se 17 ki thi ab to woh saal bhi nikal gaya aur ab hum 18 ke hochukey hain 🙁 woh bhi kia din they jab hum jin they 😀

  6. Happy birthday to u … Oh happy elated b’day to u … i guess i sent a mssg to u that day but u were away on msn … like now 🙂 anyhow .. happy birthday tou again … May you have a very beautiful life ahead full of Allah’s blessings on every moment and corner and path everywhere 🙂

    Take carez

    wassalam n love

  7. Thanks alot, well am always away/appear offline on msn :p I do come but my status stays at away, never mind, Thanks alot 🙂 and ameen to your prayers!

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