I ko Tag kia, I ko Tag kia

I Tagged By Harris Bin Khuwwam

-name: Salman

-single or taken: single

-sex: male

-birthday: saal main aik baar (A)

-siblings: 3 including myself, aik baree, aik chotee.. behan i mean

-shoe size: kia moachi ho :S

-height: hogee around 5.5

. r . e . l . a . t . i . o . n . s . h . i . p . s .
-who are your best or really close friends? Ubaid, Noman, Sabir, and My Cousin Junaid!
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: haww/POPUT/POPUT KO BANAAONGA 😛

f. a . s . h . i . o . n . s . t . u . f . f .
-where is your favorite place to shop: meree shopping ghar walay karte hain

-any tattoos or piercing: eek!

s . p . e . c . i . f . i . c . s .
-do you do drugs?: Chai 😀

-what kind of shampoo do you use?: Available Kind (giggles)

-what are you most scared of?: Apni Zid say

-who is the last person that called you?: Hammad Bhai

-where do you want to get married?: online, kaam naheen rukna chahiye 😛

-how many buddies are online right now?: 13 people online, jin main se aik hee friend hay, aik behan hay, 2 client hain, 7 misc.

-what would you change about yourself?: Battery, bohat weak hay 🙁

f . a . v . o . r . i . t . e . s .
-color: green, white, blue, silver

-food: tikka, biryani (ghar ki), pizza (naya shoaq hay), Kari ka Salan!!

-boys names: mickey, donald, bugs(bunny)

-girls names: minni, daisy, lola

-subjects in school: english, urdu, science, ISLAMIAT

-hobbies: Copying others design, Scripting, Chatting, Sleeping

h . a . v . e . y . o . u . e . v e . r .
-given anyone a bath?: Naheen

-smoked: Naheen

-bungee jumped?: Naheen

-skinny dipped?: Naheen

-ever been in love?: Haan.

-made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: often do 🙂

-pictured a crush naked?: Nopes, i had one crush which turned out to be a love, and i believe in True Love 🙂

-actually seen a crush naked?: Abay chalna bhai dimagh kion ghuma raha hay :#

-cried when someone died?: Yes, Dont you?

-lied: never (lol)

-fallen for your best friend?: nopes

-been rejected?: yes

-rejected someone?: alot

-used someone?: many times

-used by someone?: hah regularly

. c . u . r . r . e . n . t .
-clothes: Shalwar kameez jiska color ab nazar bhee naheen araha taqreeban white hochukee hay bechari

-music: AC ki awaaz sun raha hoon sirf

-make-up: Pagal hay pagal hay

-annoyance: aik messenger ki window jo mujhay bata raheeh hay ke koi xyz online aaya hay

-smell: Poison (jhoot)

-desktop picture: kisi pahaar ki hay achi hay

-book you’re reading: kaafi arsay se koi naheen parhee, last naunehaal parhee thee

-in cd player: tuch naheen

-in DVD player: sochne walee baat yeh hay ke DVD player kidher hay 😕

-color of toenails: BLACK kia karna hay katnay hain? 😛

l . a . s . t . p . e . r . s . o . n .
-you touched: Mere Mama

-hugged: Hammad

-you yelled at: Probably Ayesha

-you kissed: Hammad

. a . r . e . y . o . u .
-understanding: Maybe

-open-minded: Shayad

-insecure: Hosakta hay

-interesting: Bilkul Naheen

-random: haan

-hungry: naheen

-smart: kia pata

-moody: haan

-hard working: haan

-organized: naheen

-healthy with eating: naheen

-shy: haan

-difficult: kabhee kabhaar

-attractive: kisne kaha?

-bored easily: haan

-messy: sort of

-obsessed: with this quiz? hah

. r . a . n . d . o . m .

-In the morning i am: Still Salman

-love is: … blind

-i dream about: my new car 😛

. o . p . p . o . s . i . t . e . s . e . x .

-what do you notice first: eyes

-last person you slow danced with: none

-makes you laugh the most: Ayesha

-makes you smile: i am always smiling

-who do you have a crush on: Dubai ki thee aik bandi 😐 sacha ishq tha waise

-who has a crush on you: Allah karay woh dubai walee ko ho :>

. d . o . y . o u . e . v . e . r .

-sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to im you?: Haan wait karta hoon ke girl4mdubai mujhay message karay 🙁

-wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: hain woh koon

-wish you were younger: aray main bara kab howa :S

-cried because someone said something mean to you?: YESH :weep:

n . u . m . b . e . r .

-of times i have had my heart broken: Once

-of hearts i have broken: Dunno

-of girls I’ve kissed: NONE

-seriously kissed? eek naheen na

-of states i have lived in: aik

-of tight friends: 2

-of cds i own: ermm itni sari hain count naheen kar sakta

-scars on my body: hathon per pricks ke nishaan hain dhair saray (needles ke)

. f . i . n . a . l . q . u . e . s . t . i . o . n . s .

-do you like filling these out?: itna kafi naheen ke fill kardia :S

-gold or silver: silver

-what was the last film you saw at the movies? Bunty aur bubly

-favorite cartoon/anime? The Baby Loony Tunes, Spaced Out, Time Squad, Pink Panther

:-what did you have for breakfast this morning?: Omlette

-who would you love being locked in a room with?: Blah Tv with cable connection and PC with Net Connection

-could you live without your computer?: Sirf computer bekaar hay Net bhee saath main mangta hay warna apun ki life to beroo khallas kia

-would you color your hair?: NEVER

-could you ever get off the computer?: Haan jab net dc hojaye to cartoon dekhne jata hoon

-habla espanol? yeah yeah, hain?

-how many people are on your buddy list?: 138

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  1. hey bro :
    esmein kuch sad scenes of the life ki jhalak bhi hai .. well it was a nice xperience of reading something like this …. but .. life hai to jee ley bhai ..come Alive. you have alot of buddies yaar… well.. i found a little relevence to my story ,in your interview .. a little , not all..
    kia he acha hota agar mujhko e-mail na likhna parta ..but.. mok likh deta houn oskay baghair yeh message deliver nahi hoga na ….

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