moi love!

Asalaam o Alaikum 😉

Samsung x820


Got the world slimmest mobile 😀 Samsung x820 😉

I saw this mobile few days ago, and fell in love… then checked its featured on internet and told my dad to sell my k700i and get me x820 😀 and now finally I have this wonderful set!!

You can check its feature on this site:

Am simply loving ittt! I love its camera woah!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

last year…

Ah! Last year of my teens!!! It was my bday on 8th December… now wish me belated happy birthday 😀 I luv it when people keep wishing me whole December LoL

19… hmm 19 year has started! A big girl, more maturity, no more childish attempts 😛 haye! I will miss it 🙁

I remember people were told by doctor that Thalassemic kids doesn’t live more then 11/12 years, but here we are, me 19, Salman 21 MashaAllah!

no-one I say no-one can tell you what life has got for every one of us, kaheen kam kaheen zyada per sab ke liye kuch na kuch hai, insan mein kia taqat hai, that’s Allah’s work to tell people their life duration!

So far, I have managed to live happy, healthy, and strong! And I know I will continue with the same spirit.. Just need lots of prayers..!

I wish we all live a long happy healthy life 🙂

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz



Buying clothes:
1. Do you look at country of manufacture or quality of manufacture?
A: Quality, am not a brand-follower, anything comfortable anything full and clean 😀

2. Do you make sure they are natural fabrics?
A: Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

3. Sunglasses, fashion or protection?
A: Fashion, I don’t like them ;P

4. If you were a dog, would you bark or bite?
A: If you were a….. aghe baat hi khatam am not a dog 😉 Allah ka shukar hai 😀

5. Do you turn your cell-phone off before going to sleep?
A: I never did that… ;P woh khud charge khatam honey ki wajah se off hojaye to alag baat hai 😉

6.You came home from out and have an hour to go before going out to meet a friend, what is the most probable thing which you’ll do in that hour?
A: Would love to have a cup of tea!

7. What’s you favorite state of chocolate, liquid or solid?
A: am not allowed to have much sweet things these days but I like solid…

8. What would you choose a noticeable pay hike or noticeable improvement in work environment?
A: Second one ;)!

9. What do you enjoy more… staying indoors with friends talking meaningfully or hanging around with friends outdoors?
A: am not a social-animal, I like my friends at a distance, I don’t like discussing anything with them maybe because I haven’t got any good real friends, but I have a trusted-caring-loving friend circle on net :)!

10. If all the music artists come to a deliberate agreement to perform their last concert on the same day, whose concert will you attend?
A: Shehzad Roy ;P? He is cute!

Am done ;p

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz