Phree Blogs!

Okay so after hearing from Ayesha that blogspot is still blocked.. here is what i am thinking:

  • A free wordpress blog for each and everyone (or at least for those who come first eh),
  • With your favorite theme (please provide me a link to download or if you have your own then send it to me or Ayesha)
  • Urls will be like:, domain options are:
    • Thalassemia.Com.PK
    • TFPak.Com
    • BolayTo.Com (will arrange more if this thing gets some business)
  • I will host the blog of course i have plenty of unused bandwidth and space so don’t worry about that
  • You will have your own WordPress admin panel
  • 10 FTP Accounts, not on first come first serve basis.., they will go to those who are extremely ‘active’ in modifying their WordPress blogs!

And no am not a nice guy.. i will ask for a TFPak.Com small Banner in return!
if you don’t know what TFPak.Com is then try visiting the site and you will know..

if you are interested drop a comment we will contact you soon,
Best Regards,

4 thoughts on “Phree Blogs!”

  1. I am quite content with accessing blogspot using And although I am very much against branding blogs with banners, it would be an honor to put a banner of on my blog.

    Good luck.


  2. Great offer for bloggers…

    Salman, I want to place the banner of on my website and some of my other web projects. Fot that purpose plz email me ur banner sized 468*60 px.

    -Take care

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