World Blood Donors Day!

14th June 2006 – Aga Khan University Hospital celebrated World Blood Donors Day, me Salman were invited, the points about donating blood was given to the people very greatly! They managed to deliver the message very well, Lions Club Karachi is too much supporting about donation of blood, and someone from the club (I have a bad memory, so I don’t remember the names) was the compare and he was making the audience enjoy the every bit of the program, seminar was followed by a musical show too, we enjoyed that too, but had to leave very soon because of some problem :), but short and simple is that, the program was rocking! The message they delivered was nice, the way they thanked the people working for donation, then they thanked donors! It was AWESOME! :)! Keep Rocking Aga Khan!

1st July 2006 – Fatimid Foundation celebrated World Blood Donors Day in Avari Karachi, me, Salman with family were invited, Dr. Saeeda Malik (Minister for Women Development, Government of Sindh) was the chief guest and Sardar Muhammad Yasin Malik (Chairman, Hilton Pharma & Trustee, Fatimid Foundation) was the president of the ceremony, they asked me to present them bouquet and welcome both of them, and I accepted to do the honor :D, among the speakers there were Sardar M. Yasin, Dr. Zahid Hasan Ansari (Provincial program manager/Secretary Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority, Govt. of Sindh), Dr, Salma Kausar (Provincial Manager, National Aids Control Program), Dr. Syed Abdul Mujeeb (Associate Professor & Incharge Blood Bank –JPMC), Dr. Khalid Zafar Hashmi (Consultant Hematologist SIUT), Dr. Saeeda Malik, Dr. Zia ur Rehman (Medical Director, Fatimid Foundation)

Each of the speaker delivered great messages to the audience, and to the media presented there, I will write in detail about the messages in next post InshaAllah, Then the regular donors were given shields from Fatimid Foundation, there was an uncle who donated for 73 times even he had an open-heart-surgery and a back-bone operation he still donates, such people are the inspiration for others :), Dr. Salma Kausar donated around 47 times (I need to confirm it, am sorry I have a very bad memory), many other people were given shields too, to encourage them it’s a good way to give them an award 😀

Seminar was followed by Dinner + Musical Night, dinner was nice and musical night was awesome ;p full of dhoom dharaka!, Sonu Dangerous Dance Group, Saleem Javed, Sultan Sheik and many other artist were there to perform, and can you believe the ceremony ended around 4 am? We came back at 3 am ;p as dad wasn’t with us and we were worried about convince 😀

Above all both programs were awesome 🙂

I will post pictures and more details soon, stay tune 😉

I will end my post with Dr. Syed Abdul Mujeeb’s word which I liked a lot:

“Hum log kisi hadsay ka intezar kion kerte hain? Ke kuch ho to hum blood donate Karen? Kion humarey yahan Sinhiya-e-Nishtar Park, Earthquake per logon ne blood banks bahr diye ke kaheen zaroor na par jayen? Hum yeh kion nahi sochte ke rozana Fatimid jaise hospitals mein 200+ bottles ki zaroorat hoti hai? Hum wahan kion nahi donate kerte? Please kisi hadsay ka intezar na Karen!”

“Why we wait for any incident to get happen? So that we can donate blood? Why blood banks were flooded with donors when we had bomb-blast in Nishtar Park? Or on Earthquake? Why we don’t think that hospitals like Fatimid needs 200+ bottles every day? Why we don’t donate blood to them? PLEASE don’t wait for any incident! Just donate generously!

Keep Rocking Fatimid!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

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  1. lovely! keep it up! wish i could’ve attended it. Oh by the way ayesha, let me know where i can sign up for blood donations too. Thanks

  2. Hi Ayesha,

    You got a lovely blog..I reached here while searching for lyrics of song from ROG..Just a suggestion..change the background of your comments page..Lighter background will look good …with black letters on this grey-green background it is difficult to read…

    take care,

  3. Mansoor: you can donate anywhere, you dont need to signup.. just visit any hospital where you want to donate and tell them that you want to donate :)! Hospitals like Fatimid, Aga Khan, and many others :)!

  4. NO doubt, you can donate anywhere, you dont need to signup. just visit any hospital where you want to donate and tell them that you want to donate ! Hospitals like Fatimid, Aga Khan, and many others or still u cant find it out contact me.

  5. Hey guys, check out You can register as a blood donor here and you will receive emails when blood is needed in your area. Nice service and benefit to the people who need blood.

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