moi kuchi ko blog’s first bday :)

1st Birthday!
Dear Blog!

remember just one year ago I wrote my first ever post on you? and it was about my late brother? remember dear Blog? no? but I do, because that post has been my favorite post and I remember I wrote and cries for hours and hours with you, I shed my tears in front of you because I know you are there to listen to me, to lend me a shoulder and from that day till now I have been sharing my happiness, sadness and every single thing with you, because I know you are listening to me, you are na Blog? you have been my best buddy I love you! Happy Birthday Blog 🙂

Another year without you bhai… I know you will be in Heaven for sure, you have been a shadow for us, we all sister and brother love ya!! you have always been there but now you are not but we know you are up there praying for us, and giving us strength to struggle for our life, we love you bhai! we love ya! and we are proud of you, whatever you did was great and in very young age you did too much, we cant even forget a single thing, you have been our support, our happiness!! THANKS BHAI! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID IN YOUR LIFE FOR US! 🙂 We wont forget anything I promise!

We miss you bhai, we miss you, do you?

Dear Blog, thanks once again for all the days and night you spend with me, thanks for listening to me, thanks for lending me your shoulder, thanks for bearing me, thanks for everything!!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!

10 thoughts on “moi kuchi ko blog’s first bday :)”

  1. Oh great … Happy birthday to Ayesha’s BLog .. happy birthday to you … may you hav emany more and each one more delightful … happy b’day to ya blog 😀

  2. Happy Birthday, Ayesha’s kuchi ko Blog! And many congratulations, little sis – keep writing!

    And many prayers for your brother. I am sure he is so proud of you up there 🙂

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