drugs or drugs?

a chat between two guys about drugs;

[user1] abay!!! yaaaar baaat sunn
[user1] really yeh sach haaa you’re a drugs addict
[user1] ?¿
[user2] sirf cig
[user2] warna drugs to main dekhta bhi nahi
[user1] ohhh shytttttttt man
[user2] even headache ya sick q n ahoon
[user1] i though you’re
[user2] nahi ab aisa bhi nahi hay [hu5t|ah] i just smoke cig, cigars huqa
[user1] yaaaaar am seeking for a dealer around…
[user2] dealer bohat
[user2] frm which city u r
[user1] khi
[user2] joriya bazar par medicine market dekhi ha?
[user1] haaaaan
[user2] wahan jao wahan bohat saray drug dealers hain
[user2] :angel:

one is talking about drugs (weed, cocaine and all) and other is talking about drugs (medicine) and by the way there is a Medicine Market in Joriya Bazaar 😛

12 thoughts on “drugs or drugs?”

  1. Kiya baat hay aapki … yah kahan say utthayi 🙂

    well, islamabad is enriched in marijuana … so some addicts can be sent here tooo 😉 Just kidding … no addicts allowed in ICT!

  2. no addicts allowed in ICT <-- ?? who are you kidding asma jee?? ayesha: lovely post! puts up a very interesting question! nice to be here after a long time 🙂

  3. betaa jaldi jaldi update karein naa 🙂

    @mansoor: kidding me … mmm nobody … well its a public service mssg … 🙂

  4. THANKS alottttttttt for missing me :)!! you guys made my dayyyyyyy :)! Thanks!

    The logs I pasted where from a channel on a server @ mIRC!

    I was sitting and two guys started it like this, I was laughing out loud in the last 😀

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