8 thoughts on “Road”

  1. salam,
    i am a pediatrician from india come across ayesha`s blog while searching for “maine dil se kaha” song.anyway i loved ayesha`s blog.i work with so many thalassemia patients daily.i will love to hear from ayesha.my e mail ashfaquememon@yahoo.com

  2. hello hello.. is dis da true ayesha blog ??

    if so..

    do ayesha omar really read these posts ???

    if so…

    then i wud like to say sumthin..

    Ayesha,, perhaps i m da prevalent fan of yours… nd u cant even imagine hw much i m desperate to meet or even talk to u 🙂

    ya ya i know,,, y wud u meet ne stranger ?? but believe me,,, after even talking to me, u’ll b surely unable to find me alien 🙂

    do counter me if this post appeals u ne how
    but commit to memory..that
    i’ll b only available on msn or email.
    m not goin to visit this blog again !

    with gaze at and warm regards

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