Asalaam o Alaikum friends…

what i need is a favor from you guys… actually many people has added me in their blogroll and many has changed their urls and many wants to be added in mine blogroll… i have received several links in the comments box… but what i want now is that please post your active link in the comment box of this post so i can gather and add them 🙂

and yeah, a link back to my site will be appreciated..

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz 🙂

Qadeer bhai: will write the tag soon :)!
Asma sis: I had to skip that Hand-Writing Tag because i don’t have any of my old books 🙂 sorry!

6 thoughts on “Favor…”

  1. میرا اُردو کا بلاگ آپ کے بلاگ رول میں ہے لیکن میری غلطی کی وجہ سے نام افتخار اجمل لکھا ہے اسے صرف اجمل کر دیجئے

  2. I dont know whether you would like to add my name in your blogroll or not but there is no harm in giving it an effort. 🙂


    By the way my comments are not being displayed , do they wait moderation?

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