Personally I think blind cricket team is better than this team… :\ and we should support them… and they should have been sent to World Cup instead of this idiotic team… khair… I had interest in cricket long time ago but not now…

Bob Woolmer died… sad.. very sad…!

Nothing else to say… Oh yes! One thing… I have seen many people saying bad things to country because of losing matches and all, but what has cricket to do with the whole country? Stop hating country because of such a small thing :@

5 thoughts on “cricket?”

  1. یہ لکھا تو رکشوں کے پیچھے ہوتا ہے 🙂 لیکن ہے بہت بڑی حقیقت:

    ساماں سو برس کا اور پل کی خبر نہیں

  2. Don’t worry! Chairman of PCB has resigned, selection board has gone, now all of the team will be hanged in the murder of woolmer. Then we will start promoting our national sport, Hockey.

  3. Aslaam-O-Alikum
    I think it is bad news that pakistan lose the match, but it had done, in my veiw cricket is by chance game and losing match pakistn is not a new news. This is pakistanis habit. Pakistan was unlucky that Shoib Akhtar, M. Asif & Abdul Razzaq was unfit and in past they playing main role in Pakistan team.

  4. Aslaam-O-Alikum
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