i dont know….


I dont know if i have done wrong or right, but whatever i did was just for u.., and if it worked like the way we have thought then it gonna be the best solution for ur life.. i wish Allah like our struggle, accepts our struggle and bless you with the best of his blessings *ameen*, we wont be getting any profit or loss but just one thing if you are happy we are happy if u are sad we are rest-less!, dont take me wrong sweet-heart… i doesnt wanna hurt u 🙁 but it hurts when i see something going wrong with u and u cant do anything, we cant see u jumping in a blind-well…when we can do something and save u..then we will do it, no matter what happens… I hope everything goes right for u and for everyone…

hoping for best…


One thought on “i dont know….”

  1. actually i dont believe in “dont know” every body knows what he or her is and what they want

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