Dad, yeah we are coming home…
Dad, I want to buy this mobile…
Dad, please tell Salman not to bug me…
Dad, mom isn’t listening to me : (

And now… no-one is there to be called dad, no-one to listen to my requests, farmaish, no-one to scold us… no-one who will call us when we will be getting late from somewhere…

Is it another exam from Allah?? I guess yes, our little family is getting smaller day by day… first it was Nauman bhai, now Dad?

Dad passed away on 7th August…

Please pray for his soul….

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

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  1. Salam Ayesha

    Inna Lillahye Wainna Alahye Rajioon

    This is really a shocking news for me. Offcourse only you can understand the pain. Since I know for loong time before this blogging thingie, I am feeling more for you. How I wish I can make you calm. Bus I pray May Allah reward him highest place in Jannah. I know you and salman are not so mature but Inshallah everything would be fine. Iknow these re just words but what else I can say. Allah test His beloved creatures and you people are one of them.

  2. Dear Sis,

    May Allah SWT rests his soul in peace!!!

    I have no words for you since i am not much into condolences and have relatively seen a life free from such incidents but i hope Allah SWT gives you and your family the courage to bear this sad news. As a good muslim i would request you to please offer your prayers regularly and pray alot for your Dad since this is only what will give him peace in the Heavens. My prayers are with you and may you succeed in your life!

    Khushal Khan

  3. I’m don’t no what to say, There is no alternate way to low you pain. All i can say is that Allah gives you and your Family Sabar.


  4. Ayesha
    My prayers are with him, May Allah provide him peace in Jannah.
    May Allah give you and the family strength to cope with the loss. Oneday everyone of us will be together again with all who went there ahead of us.
    Allah bless you and family.

  5. Inna Lillahye Wainna Alahye Rajioon.. May Allah(SWT) rest his soul in eternal peace and grant him place in Jannah.

    Dear Ayesha…since I myself have gone through this pain so I can very well understand how it feels and what you must be going through right now…but all I can say is be strong to give courage to your family. Ur father is no longer with you physically but he would always be with u through what he taught u in life because the values he gave u would always remain with u.

  6. Dear Ayesha, v sorry to hear from you, may Allah rest his soul in peace, no words to really explain such type of loss. once i read in a novel “k koi jazba jitna shadeed hota hay us k liye lafz b utnay he kam or limmited hotay hain, or moat b aik aisa he dukh hay jis main her koi shareek to hona chahta hay lekin apni feelins express nahi kar sakta QK her kisi ko is main se guzarna hota hay”
    However b patient, May Allah grant you patient to bear this pain, Aameen

  7. Behna,

    Very sorry to hear of your loss. Death is an inevitable fact, but experiencing the loss of someone as important as one’s father is beyond words.

    May your dad’s soul rest in peace, and may Allah grant you and your family with sabr. Ameen.

  8. Salam,
    I posted here before as well but it never appeared so maybe you did not get it.I just wanted to say that we are just mere humans and everything is in Allah (SWT)’s hands. May He give you and your family sabr and the strength to move on and may He grant your father a place in Jannah. Just remember no matter how tough the times are Allah(SWT) is with us at all times. He is taking care of us. Please take care of yourself and your family.

  9. i feel very sad ayesha i dont know what to say dear but a bit i want to is this that by your crying nothing can change but may allmighty rests his soul in peace and can say this much that recite the holy QURAN aur baksho unhain yeh bohat he mushkil waqt hota hay har insaan pay jub us k ghar ka sub say bara fard chala jata hay bus baksho unhain aur khud sambhlo takay auroon ko bhe sambhaal sako ok ALLAH tum sub ko sabar ata farmaye aur peace to yours dad soul

  10. اِنّا للہِ و اِنّا الَیہِ راجِعُون ۔ کئی دن بعد میں یہاں آیا اور دل کی دھڑکن رُکتی محسوس ہوئی کیونکہ پہلی ہی جھلک میں میں سب کچھ سمجھ گیا تھا ۔ ایسا لمحہ بہت ہی مشکل ہوتا ہے ۔ بیٹی ۔ اللہ آپ کے محترم والد کی مغفرت کرے اور آپ کو ۔ آپکی والدہ محترمہ اور بہن بھائیوں کو صبر کرنے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے ۔

  11. Dear Ayesha,

    Not in my dreams can I dare pronounce that I can feel the heart wrenching pain you must be feeling. Having said that, I would like to send you my heartfelt condolences. May Allah bless you and you family with the patience that is need of the hour.

    You are my sister in the community of bloggers. My wife and I lend our support and prayers to your family and your father, May Allah grant him place in Jannah.

    Have faith, do not dispair as all dads eventually want their girls to be smiling and happy.

    Allah bless you.


  12. اللہ آپ کو اور آپ کے گھر والوں کو صبر عطا کرے اور مرحوم کو جنت الفردوس میں جگہ عطا کرے

  13. Ina Lillahe Wa Inna Ilayhe Rajayoon

    Indeed we belong to Allah and to Him is our return.

    May Allah give you patience to deal with this sad event. This is indeed a test, an azmaish.
    Allah tests us in things we love the most, to make us recognize Him and to follow his commands.

  14. Insh’Allah if you keep doing good deeds and bless him, he’ll be the happiest father in the other kingdom. If you feel sad, just recite astasghfaar or correspond with me:)

  15. i dont know you at all since this is the first time i am visiting your site but still i can feel your pain. im really sorry to hear about your great loss. i pray to Allah to give you and your family sabar and may Allah reward your father with highest place in jannat. there is no replacement for farther but Allah has a “maslihat” for everything. just have faith in Him.

  16. i dont know you at all since this is the first time im visting your blog but i still can feel your pain. im very sorry to hear about your great loss. i pray to Allah to give you and your family sabar and to reward your father with the highest place in jannat. there is no replacement for your father but Allah has a “maslihat” for everything. just have faith in Allah.

  17. Since i dont know you and as a human being all i could say is:
    “May God bless his Soul and enter him in Jannat-ul-Firdoos.”
    and you should take care of the existing family.

  18. اِنّا للہِ و اِنّا الَیہِ راجِعُون ۔ اللہ آپ کے والد کو جوار رحمت میں جگہ دے اور آپ کو صبر جمیل عطافرائے۔ واقعی یہ بہت بڑا دکھ ہے جو مشکل سے ہی بھلایا جاتا ہے۔

  19. Ayesha, heartfelt condolences on your loss. I can never imagine what it feels like to lose a parent, its just one of those tests of life that you cant run away from. I hope you live your life to make your father even more proud of you. Ameen.

  20. Ayesha!
    I am sorry to read about your father’s demise. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Since I too have suffered a loss I can really understand your pain. Just be brave and have faith in Allah.
    I loved the sentence… our small family is getting smaller… you know that is what I say and what I feel. God bless you.

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