No more a teenager… Yeah… a big change 🙂 turned 20 this December…, weird life… missing dad… missing everything… missing myself…, sometimes you do something and after you regret about it… that’s happening with me… never mind.. Will get over it soon ;)! Don’t ya dare stop praying for me 😀 too many problems/troubles/tensions around… need lots and lots of prayers 🙂

From many days am thinking to write blog… And every time I open the page I close it with the thinking ‘kia likhon? (What should I write)’ I never knew this would happen to me ever… but its like expect the un-expected.., am outta blog I don’t know why… I don’t feel like writing…

Need prayers…

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

4 thoughts on “hmmm”

  1. Congratulations on having 20th birthday 🙂 So you are one year younger than me 😉 I miss my teenage very much 🙁

    Why are you missing your Dad? What’s happened? What’s wrong?

  2. Stay outta blog but stay in life .. loads of love and hugs may the years ahead be full of life and Allah’s blessings for you and ur family, me, us all 😀


    Hugs ~~ U r a big gal now 😛

  3. Happy birthday Ayesha,
    I came at your blog first time. Well as far as your writings are concerned. If you want to write something, then it should be problems in Pakistan, that is faced common people like me, you can write poetry, put some flavour in it by introducing your own poetry, try to write about choices we have in life…
    Lastly, no decision is incorrect, but results may be shorterm or in long run, try not to regret what you think you did wrong, it must be fruitful to you oneday.

    I don’t know whether, I’ll come back to your blog or not, but it was really nice meeting.
    Kind regards

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