Birthday, Eid, Etc!

Okay we have got the Invitation for the Blood Camp here!


8th December: Happy birthday to me, yeah.. I turned 21 this year… aaa! time flies for sure!, it seems like dreaming!, I really want my bachpan back! khair
9th December: Eid! okay yea it was Eid, kind of busy and all, nothing special, just been ill for few weeks (heh yea.. Weeeeeeks!)
25th December: Today! feeling alright for sure!, looking forward to attend my cousin’s wedding tonight inshaAllah!

That was just update date wise.. now some random stuff..

These days I really wanted those care free days of childhood… I really want my bachpan back.. getting tired… frustrated… irritated… and what not? I feel so older than my age… am in love with many songs, they keep coming into my mind one by one… and most favorite and that shows the true feelings of mine is Woh Kaghaz Ki Kashti by Jagjit… yeah! it tells my true feelings!!!!!.

November + December both have been kind of losing month, lol… loosing as in electronic appliances, just don’t ask… first one of our split got ill and we have to get it changed, just after that our microwave’s circuit thingie got burn, then our second split got ill (still have to buy new :/), then fridge, then water dispenser and how can I forgot Salman’s Pc!? oh yea.. computer’s motherboard is refusing to work and that also in Eid Holidays :@ and we have to send it to the warranty, its still there, my pc given to Salman, and just few days ago Salman’s LCD stopped working *can i swear here please?, ok nevermind*, then I have give mine LCD to him, Salman’s LCD gone for repairing….

GRM! yeah.. we were like we have some short of bad months *although no one from our family thinks like (we had a bad day, we had a bad week) no.. we don’t think like that but all these happenings wasn’t pleasant too…* but then just after our thinking we got another issues, like Electricity ? Gas ? (yeah we have gas loadshedding too) and yeah last night I saw the news there is some Water shortage in Karachi *yay welcome to stone-age, I won’t say welcome to village because village do get Water* ;p

So it tells that whole city is having Manhoos time ;d LOL 😀 *okay sorry*

TRYING to work on few things (as in Blood Camp, ApniISP and DaCoolSite) but still TRYING!

That’s all for now? lets leave something for next post too..

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

Blood Camp: Updates

We had to make some changes in dates, so now blood camp would be on 10th & 11th of January 2009 inshaAllah.

We have created event on Facebook you can join it by clicking here.

We will be arranging a Fun Mela with Blood Camp, which will includes fun games, food stalls, other accessories etc etc.

You will get chance to ask questions to the doctors who would be there to assist you.

A lot of awareness/information would be our main purpose to give.

Please join it to make it as big as possible not for anyone but just for you.. and your next generation!

If you are a confirmed donor and if you are coming to the blood camp then kindly drop your name and number here so that we can make a list of confirmed donors, if you don’t wish to drop it here you can email me at

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

Thalassemia patients appeal for financial assistance

Courtesy by: Daily Times

By Zakir Hassnain

PESHAWAR: With her eyes filled with tears, 11-year-old Fatima, a thalassemia patient, said her elder sister Samina was also a thalassemia patient and died of the same disease, leaving sweet memories behind with the family remembers.

Fatima and her younger sister Aiman came to Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday along with their parents to create awareness among people about this lethal disease and appealed to the provincial government to give financial assistance to Hamza Foundation she was getting treatment from.

A sizeable number of children and their parents who assembled at the press club, also appealed to donor organisations and philanthropists to come forward and save lives of thousands of children suffering from thalassemia.

“Samina died two months ago of thalassemia when she was 18,” Fatima told Daily Times with tears trickling down her cheeks. Fatima, a class 5 student, said Samina had done a nursing course and was voluntarily working for Hamza Foundation. “We all miss her,” she said sobbing.

Wakil Jan, father of Shah Masood, 6, and Hamaad Khan,3, said Masood and Hamaad were thalassemia patients by birth. “I bring them to Peshawar from village after every 2/3 weeks for blood transfusion,” he said.

Muhammad Wali Khan, a father who had come from Malakand, said his wife was his cousin and that was possibly the reason that Haizar Ali, 9 months, and Haizar’s two sisters Anita and Shawaal were thalassemia patients.

“Blood transfusion takes place every 15/20 days at the Foundation in Peshawar,” he said. Wali said if the Hamza Foundation ran out of funds and it closed down, the lives of their children could be in danger.

Thalassemia is a killer disease in which a child suffering from it cannot survive unless he gets blood transfusion after every 15/20 days.

According to an estimate, around 5,000 children are born with thalassemia in Pakistan, mostly in the NWFP.

Ali Gul, who was representing parents and whose two sons were thalassemia patients, said Hamza Foundation was the only welfare organisation in the province that was looking after these unfortunate children. “The Foundation is getting no financial support from the government and is running on donations,” said Gul. Gul who also works for the Foundation, said the Foundation had 525 registered patients and was spending around Rs 400,000 to 500,000 per month on their blood transfusion and other expenditures.

“We, the parents of children, are here today to draw the attention of the government, donor organisations and philanthropists that if the Foundation closes down because of lack of funds or any other reason, our children will die,” said Ali Gul.

Quite a lot of mothers in burqas were present in the press club hall. Some were holding their newborn babies suffering from the deadly disease. Small children holding placards inscribed with slogans of financial assistance posed for photojournalists and the electronic media.