Asalaam o Alaikum Friends! 🙂

Somewhere in 2005 I shared this news with you guys that me, Salman and few people are working on a project which would inshaAllah rock the world, because of many issues, troubles, and personal problems we kind of stopped working but now again we are working and its launched in its beta version…

Let me tell you guys what project is it, what is the background and what it is offering you… 🙂

It’s a sister concerned website of Thalassemia.Com.Pk, what ever we going to earn will be donated to the needy, Its an entertainment portal offering Songs, Wall Papers, Movies, Reviews, Recipes, Msn Display Pictures, Lyrics, Games and much more going to be added soon!!!

We all know that a serious website earns less than the entertainment website… so we are trying to gather more and more money to help the needy…

Do I need to invite you guys for this noble cause? No 🙂 so here is the addy, www.DaCoolSite.com : )! See ya soon!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

2 thoughts on “DaCoolSite.Com!”

  1. I lurvv the pic pic you have linked here and wow … sounds Cool 🙂

    me checking out – you have good luck =)


  2. noble intentions indeed! * thumbs up *

    I couldn’t help but notice all this focus on thalassemia :S

    had to do a bit of reading to know all about it!

    I’m sorry to know about you!

    My point, however, is this that i feel that a proper introduction page – explaining about it, your connection with it + your motives, all these at the home page would do loads of good to raise the awareness ragarding it!

    don’t take offense! this is just my opinion!

    I was really moved reading about it! otherwise i was totally unaware of the existence of sucha thing!

    Good Luck!

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