Blood Camp!

Friends, Relative, Colleagues, Foes, inshort EVERYONE!


YES! you all are invited to a blood camp which is going to be arranged on 27th & 28th of December 2008 in Karachi, Pakistan!

I know its too early to announce this, but this time we are making a list of confirmed donors, we want a great response from you guys, if you are in Karachi, if you are 18+, if you want to donate, then kindly leave your name, number and email id so that we can add you in the list and send you reminder in December.

The blood collected from this camp will be given to Thalassemia Patients registered in Fatimid.

Time to time I will be posting things about camp, we are working on it…!, any idea you guys have let me know!

If you are not in Karachi, then give this news to your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc etc!

Any question? any query? any comment? any suggestion? just drop it I will answer!

Prevention is better than cure!


Several people asked me how they can ask their partners to get tested. It doesn’t look good and all, even a friend of mine said ‘they might start beating me Ayesha’ and I simply said ‘just for once think of your generation that beating won’t be anything then’.

Can’t we think about it? Is it too hard? Will you be able to bear if your kid points his finger at you and say ‘Dad/Mom, you are responsible for my illness, will you be able to bear to see your kid getting pricked for needles, and all? No… you won’t be…

So why can’t you take step and go get tested?? Why not?

It’s so hard to get your partner tested? Okay don’t ask them for it, go and get tested YOURSELF, and if GOD forbid you get some irregular result then you can ask your partner to get tested, if result is normal that it doesn’t matter if your partner carries Thalassemia Minor gene, because it won’t do any harm, maybe just a kid or two will carry minor gene, that’s it.

Is it still hard?

You guys might think I might have pointed finger at my parents too? Or maybe I feel bad having Thalassemia that is why am writing such things, such posts, No… I have seen kids of 2 years old at the transfusion center, even kids younger than that, how they get pricked, how they cry, how nurses get their veins, if you see yourself you will feel like crying… I bet you for that.

And just after seeing all this since for so long, I really want to save our next generation; can’t you guys step ahead and help me? I don’t want another kid to get pricked because of lack of awareness please?

Please guys…! Please…! I beg you…!

Just a blood test can save your generation, what else you want now? Don’t ask your partner for the test, just go yourself first….! If you can’t even do that… then it’s simply useless to tell you anything…

If you have any comment/advice/suggestion/questions/queries you can drop me a comment and I will reply ASAP!

Take cares, Allah Hafiz

No Test, No Nikkah!


Almost every third girl gets married to a guy whom she doesn’t know, never met him, never talked to him before, guy’s family saw the girl somewhere they sent the proposal and if girl’s family didn’t find anything object-able then everything is done and final, date fixing, venue decided in short everything gets done… and they get married to each other.

Now the happily married couple is expecting a new family member, and when the new family member is born, they get to know baby is having a disease called Thalassemia, they go blank, they run to doctors, they try to do what ever they can do, in the end they get to know that both of them were Thalassemia Minor which is why their baby is Thalassemia Major.

Minor + Minor = Major
50% chances are of Thalassemia Major
25% chances are of Thalassemia Minor
25% chances are of Normal

Sadness takes place of happiness soon…. And baby starts getting used of hospital, transfusions, needles, medicines…

Now the question is, where did it all begin from? What was the mistake they made?

Till few years ago people used to ask parents of Thalassemia major that are they cousins? Did they get married in family? Yes Thalassemia genes do get inherited, but it is not only in cousin or interfamily marriage, it can happen where a guy doesn’t know the girl and get marries, they never get tested…

Asking to get the test done before marriage is like asking to do a biggest SIN!

But why can’t you think just for once for your next generation? Why don’t you see the bigger picture?

When we going to stop our narrow-mindedness?

Few months ago there was comment on my blog which was:
No Test, No Nikkah!

I guess government should pass a bill about this issue!, there are many countries who have already started this… why can’t we? And when we will???

We all know our government so why don’t we start something on our own too?

What you can do as an individual?
* You can get yourself and your partner tested before marriage
* Ask your friends to do the same
* If someone you know who is getting married ask them if they have gone for the test?
* Spread this information around your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and everywhere… TO SAVE THE NEXT GENERATION!

The test is called HB electrophoresis and it is not much expensive…

So when you going to get yourself tested?

If you have any comment/advice/suggestion/questions/queries you can drop me a comment and I will reply ASAP!



Life and its never ending issues.
Life and its never ending problems.
Life and its never ending troubles.
Life and its never ending wishes.
Life and its never ending hopes.
Life and its never ending sighs.

What am I upto? nothing nothing at all, my life is keeping me so busy that I don’t even use pc much, if I do then I don’t get time to write blog, I don’t feel like, am too busy with life and its issues, and family

I don’t want to complain, never… but am bit sad with Allah, I even know people will tell me to wait and watch, I even know HE will bless me with bestest thing in future, I even know all I have to do is wait, but this wait seems so long… problems seems so hard to bear, even I know HE doesn’t give those problem which HIS people can’t bear… I even know this worldly problem is better than Akhrat’s (here after life) but I don’t know why am being so impatient…?

Pray… Please pray for me n my family


Take cares, Allah Hafiz