No Test, No Nikkah!


Almost every third girl gets married to a guy whom she doesn’t know, never met him, never talked to him before, guy’s family saw the girl somewhere they sent the proposal and if girl’s family didn’t find anything object-able then everything is done and final, date fixing, venue decided in short everything gets done… and they get married to each other.

Now the happily married couple is expecting a new family member, and when the new family member is born, they get to know baby is having a disease called Thalassemia, they go blank, they run to doctors, they try to do what ever they can do, in the end they get to know that both of them were Thalassemia Minor which is why their baby is Thalassemia Major.

Minor + Minor = Major
50% chances are of Thalassemia Major
25% chances are of Thalassemia Minor
25% chances are of Normal

Sadness takes place of happiness soon…. And baby starts getting used of hospital, transfusions, needles, medicines…

Now the question is, where did it all begin from? What was the mistake they made?

Till few years ago people used to ask parents of Thalassemia major that are they cousins? Did they get married in family? Yes Thalassemia genes do get inherited, but it is not only in cousin or interfamily marriage, it can happen where a guy doesn’t know the girl and get marries, they never get tested…

Asking to get the test done before marriage is like asking to do a biggest SIN!

But why can’t you think just for once for your next generation? Why don’t you see the bigger picture?

When we going to stop our narrow-mindedness?

Few months ago there was comment on my blog which was:
No Test, No Nikkah!

I guess government should pass a bill about this issue!, there are many countries who have already started this… why can’t we? And when we will???

We all know our government so why don’t we start something on our own too?

What you can do as an individual?
* You can get yourself and your partner tested before marriage
* Ask your friends to do the same
* If someone you know who is getting married ask them if they have gone for the test?
* Spread this information around your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and everywhere… TO SAVE THE NEXT GENERATION!

The test is called HB electrophoresis and it is not much expensive…

So when you going to get yourself tested?

If you have any comment/advice/suggestion/questions/queries you can drop me a comment and I will reply ASAP!

26 thoughts on “No Test, No Nikkah!”

  1. ayesha:

    tests should be mandatory

    not only for thalassemia but i would suggest for hepatitis and most importantly HIV-aids

    and speaking of nikahnama…a modified one where the woman is allowed to divorce (have seen many women abused because the husband would refuse to grant a divorce as a pressure tactic)

    good luck

  2. can you tell me a bit about this test as i not frm medical field. do i and my partner need to give the blood sample for this. and what is good or bad in the result. like a human temperature should be 99 but if it goes more then tht one should take care have better consultation. so same goes for this one, can you guide me please.

    with regards,

  3. Temporal: thanks alot for comment, people here are not going for this test and you asking about HIV-aids and Hepatitis? people would almost kill if someone asked their daughter or son to go for the HIV-aids test, but still… as it is said ‘Umeed peh duniya qaim hai’, I hope one day everyone get aware of the fact and start getting these tests done… Ameen

    SHaiTaaN: if you are married then also you and your partner should go for this test, anyone can go for this test, its just a blood test and here is the answer of your question in simple words 🙂

    Normal results:
    Normal reference values can vary by laboratory, but are generally within the following ranges.

    * Hgb A1: 95–98%
    * Hgb A2: 2–3%
    * Hgb F: 0.8–2.0%
    * Hgb S: 0%
    * Hgb C: 0%.

    Child (Hgb F):
    * 6 months: 8%
    * greater than 6 months: 1–2%
    * newborn (Hgb F): 50–80%

    Abnormal results
    Abnormal reference values can vary by laboratory, but when they appear within these ranges, results are usually associated with the conditions that follow in parentheses.

    Hgb A2:
    * 4–5.8% (β-thalassemia minor)
    * under 2% (Hgb H disease)

    Hgb F:
    * 2–5% (β-thalassemia minor)
    * 10–90% (β-thalassemia major)
    * 5–35% (Heterozygous hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin, or HPFH)
    * 100% (Homozygous HPFH)
    * 15% (Homozygous Hgb S)

    Homozygous Hgb S:
    * 70–98% (Sickle cell disease).

    Homozygous Hgb C:
    * 90–98%(Hgb C disease)

    After getting report you can show it your family doctor and he can tell you if there is anything wrong in it 🙂

    Take Cares!

  4. Yes, I totally agree with it, these tests should be made mandatory, as the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”
    The references were very helpful and I hope one day there would be enough awareness as that is what we lack!

  5. Hey!! Salam!
    Ayesha, i totally agree with you. When a person is getting married its def. abt the whole damn life.. and then there comes the Children and OTHER things as well..!! however, this thing shud b taken Very srsly.. and it shud b mandatory. like it was said abv.. it shud also b 4 the other diseases as well!! because most people wudnt tell by themselves..!! so if its a bill it can stop many things for happening!!
    take care:)
    love ur post…!!
    spread the WORD!!
    Allah hafiz.

  6. I think people should take these tests before getting married.. because you never know whats in there.. so its better to be sure about it than gettin married and ruining ur whole life and ur children.. In our society people dont really care about these tests.. even the educated ones..

  7. I totally agree on the point you’ve raised ! This test has to be mandatory! i hope it will be active soon !

  8. I do know that in America several states require blood testing prior to marriage.


    As you can see from the websites, the individual states in America make up their own laws on issues such as this. In the location and time of my marriage, the bloodtests were not required. They are required there now. Times change, people change, ideals and values change.

    An ounce of prevention being worth more than a pound of cure, it is, in my opinion, worth the minor annoyance of the test and expense/cost in order to know for sure about things that you should know about for your ‘life partner’… issues that could effect the health and welfare of the family you’ll be creating could be prevented – not only would it save time and worry and aggravation, it could also potentially save a life, or make quality of life better by making informed decisions.

    The key is getting the people educated about the problem. The more their ignorance of the issues blinds them, the less likely they are to buy into a preventative measure they see no value in.

    If the resulting problems are wide spread enough, prevalent enough to get the legislators to become aware of the need – with enough proactive advocacy and support it can become law.

    I would advocate for mandatory low cost testing, simply because – you cant fix stupid.

    Good luck.

  9. I too agree with you ayesha but the bitter fact about marriage in pak is that most of them are fixed up by the parents ! as you just mentioned above with no interaction b/w you and your soon to be partner when you ask her to get her self tested she would definately feel insecure as in why he’s asking me for a test! And FYI more then half of the nikah’s never get registered in any goverment legislation they are being done on a traditional nikah nama issued by masajid’s or jamats . Its a very matter of concern that we all should realise about this Disease.


  10. ;d talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk..

    spread the word spread the word spread the word spread the word spread the word spread the word

    Any of you actually did anything besides stating that here?

    I mean most of you has blogs, you must be having your own set of readers, your own circle of friends, your own colleagues and all.. WHY DON’T YOU GUYS POST SOMETHING, You have all the references here from Ayesha.. and if you need some more details we will provide that too.. We are doing what we can to spread the news.. but all I see here is talk talk talk talk and talk..

    blah I am “just” talking as well.. no body cares ;d


  11. good hay, postings on blogs, email forwards, etc etc are the easiest and most cheapest way of spreading words..

    If someone wants to kick up a notch, and is willing to spend some greenery around than they can get some flyers, banners, published if they cant distribute themselves they can send them to us ;d

    so many ways, so many people ;d lets see where we reach and what we get.

  12. ofcourse we should get tested and only ignorant ppl can declare it a SIN.
    and about the precautions and aftermaths of such marrigaes i completely agree with Exquisite. is this test facility available at all major Test labs or only collection centers of some hospitals?

  13. duffer: you can get it done from any lab, just check them its authentic, where you from? tell me maybe I can help you find a lab?

    Minor + Normal? well here am pasting all the details:

    One Parent has a thalassemia trait and one is “normal”;

    All the children must inhert a normal gene from the “normal” parent. However, they may inherit a normal of a thalassemia gene from the carrier parent. For each child there is a one in two (50 %) chance of inheriting the thalassemia gene from the carrier parent, If this happens the child will have thalassemia trait.

    so its like 25% chance of having a thalassemia minor kid if a normal marries a thalassemia minor!

    here you can read all the details:

  14. yes excel labs is doing this test. i work in excel labs. you can ask me if you have question regarding lab tests or you can contact at excel labs telephone number 051-8311100

  15. Hi. I am getting married Next Month. My search for appropriate Pre-marital test brought me on this page. I want to have a complete test before getting married. What that test is called. how much it costs and where i can have that in Islamabad? Kindly Help

  16. انگلستان کا ویزا درخواست منظور ہونے کے بعد ویزا جاری ہونے شرط ہیپاتائٹس بی کا سرٹیفیکیٹ لازمی ہے ورنہ وہ ویزا ہی جاری نہیں کرتے ہین۔ ایسے میں سینکڑوں پاکستانی جب انگلستان جاتے ہیں تو ہیپاٹائٹس بی کا ٹیسٹ کراکر اس کا سرٹیفیکیٹ بنواتے ہیں۔ لیکن دوسرے طرف زندگی کے ایک اہم ترین سفر پر روانہ ہونے سے پہلے ایسا ٹیسٹ جو ان کی آنے والی نسلوں کو بیماری سے بچا سکتا ہے کرانا اپنی بے عزتی سمجھتے ہیں۔ انتہائی قابل افسوس اور دکھ کی بات ہے۔

  17. I am thalassemia minor..but my wife is normal..
    My daughter is 3years I found that my daughter skin color is yellow..her hb is 9.5…so is she a patient of thallasamia..

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