Prevention is better than cure!


Several people asked me how they can ask their partners to get tested. It doesn’t look good and all, even a friend of mine said ‘they might start beating me Ayesha’ and I simply said ‘just for once think of your generation that beating won’t be anything then’.

Can’t we think about it? Is it too hard? Will you be able to bear if your kid points his finger at you and say ‘Dad/Mom, you are responsible for my illness, will you be able to bear to see your kid getting pricked for needles, and all? No… you won’t be…

So why can’t you take step and go get tested?? Why not?

It’s so hard to get your partner tested? Okay don’t ask them for it, go and get tested YOURSELF, and if GOD forbid you get some irregular result then you can ask your partner to get tested, if result is normal that it doesn’t matter if your partner carries Thalassemia Minor gene, because it won’t do any harm, maybe just a kid or two will carry minor gene, that’s it.

Is it still hard?

You guys might think I might have pointed finger at my parents too? Or maybe I feel bad having Thalassemia that is why am writing such things, such posts, No… I have seen kids of 2 years old at the transfusion center, even kids younger than that, how they get pricked, how they cry, how nurses get their veins, if you see yourself you will feel like crying… I bet you for that.

And just after seeing all this since for so long, I really want to save our next generation; can’t you guys step ahead and help me? I don’t want another kid to get pricked because of lack of awareness please?

Please guys…! Please…! I beg you…!

Just a blood test can save your generation, what else you want now? Don’t ask your partner for the test, just go yourself first….! If you can’t even do that… then it’s simply useless to tell you anything…

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Take cares, Allah Hafiz

6 thoughts on “Prevention is better than cure!”

  1. I think Ayesha Has a Very Valid Point. Whats the fault of the New Born? I’ve seen this in my life as well.. and yes it hurts and makes you want to cry. It only takes a Minute to get an appointment and have a blood test taken. We have time For things like Going to the Parlor ..Going Shopping..Going on Long Drives..But we can’t take a few minutes out of our lives for our future Generation? Seriously I think people need to start realising and start taking action before its too late. All The Best Wishes to Everyone. InshAllah I and Fiance Will also get a Test done.. Infact I Insist. Healthy Baby is a Healthy Generation.
    Best Reguards,

  2. I agree wid ayesha, i m getting married, after my baat paaki..first thing i was made to do was to take a test..i was clear so didnt require his test 🙂 in my family all goes through it..

  3. Wow ! nice thoughts , I would definitely support the post and will write about it on my blog as well.

    Thanks for the heads up 🙂 Ayesha


  4. Ayesha has very well explained the significance of getting the blood test done. I would like to add a few points.

    Forget Thalassaemia for a while, suppose you are a normal person going to the Paediatrician to get your child/new born vaccinated, will you not wish that you could take the vaccine shot instead of your child and your child would still be safe? I bet all of the parents will wish the same because no one would like to see their babies cry of the needle pain. Then why not take just 1 simple blood test that will not only save your own children but your generations to come from a life-long pain and suffering?

    I understand that people have social limitations asking the bride/groom-to-be to get a blood test especially in case of girls. People come to me and say “Dunya walay kia kahain gay?” or “Agar hum nay bataya to hamari bachi kay rishtay aanay bund ho jain gay”.

    Now the point to understand and explain here is that being a “Carrier” or “Thalassaemia Minor” is not something one should be ashamed of. It is NOT an infectious or contagious disease that can be passed on from one individual to another by personal or any other contact. It is NOT like HIV/Aids or any other STD. People with Thalassaemia Minor when married to normal people live a completely healthy and normal marital life. They do not cause any danger to the health of their partner nor do they transfer any traits or disease to them.

    This might be a tough question to ask but trust me people it is so much easier than asking your friends and relatives for a bag of blood every month. It has far much less pain than seeing your child being injected by a pump for 10 hours every day. God forbid, if your child is born with Thalassaemia Major then no one from those “Dunya walay” of whom you are afraid of, will come to your help.

    I know this because I am a father of a Thalassaemic and believe me people every time I see a needle being poked in my son’s arm, the needle goes straight to my heart even before it touches my son’s arm.

    So please, please, please take this matter seriously and get yourself tested or later you may regret, like me, why didn’t anyone tell me before? This is an inexpensive test and there are some organizations that do it for free.

    If you get yourself tested, your responsibility doesn’t end here. You must spread the word and give this knowledge to others and urge them to get themselves tested too.

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