Me & my experiences..!

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Sometimes I feel we are living in a village, we shifted to this new place an year ago, and since then we are facing lots of Internet problem!

Firstly we got to know that the PTCL cables are fiber optics one and we can’t get any DSL connection except PTCL, we applied for it..

Experience with PTCL wasn’t good, they installed the device, tried their level best to make it work but it couldn’t work… and in the end they ask us to terminate the account, but one thing we got to know is that PTCL lines are not fiber optics one 😛 they are copper!

So as quick as possible I signed up for Multinet, but tell you what..? Something is really bad with our fate, just after 3 months Multinet sent a letter saying that they are closing their services from Garden area, GOD! where should we go now?

No option left, signed up for LINKdotNET, since September 2008 we haven’t received any bill :/ and service.. ah! don’t ask!, all these 6 months they messed our phone lines, kept on making splitter work and service keeps on getting disconnected without any reason, and when I call guess what they ask me to do?

Me: it isn’t working since last night.. it keeps on disconnecting..
Guy: Ma`am, please take the splitter out and check again..
Me: uh? if I would take out splitter then how would I use telephone?
Guy: ma`am your previous complaints were about splitter.. so just to make sure I want you to take it out and check.
Me: Sir! services is synced not d-synced so that means PTCL line and Splitter both are working a-okay.. so why the hell should I take out splitter?

This was just a trailer, I have talked to lots of nuts like this above.

And finally after thinking we decided to give World Call a try!, signed up for World Call EVDO on 24th Feb and 25th Feb the guy came and show us demo, we signed up.. and now its working..

Now I hope World Call doesn’t give us pain in neck!

Any review about World Call EVDO?

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention about Yateem Wateen!, you can read my experience with Yateem Wateen here!

Am evil! 😉

Jee lene do :)

Song: Barsat ke mausam mein
Movie: Naayaz
Singer: Kumar Sanu
Video: See here

Barsat ke mausam mein..
Tanhai ke alaam mein..
Mein ghar se nikal aya..
Bottle bhi utha laya..

Abhi zinda hon to jee lene do..
Bhari barsat mein pee lene do..

Mujhe tokron mein nahi jeena hai..
Katra katra to nahi peena hai..
Ajj peymany hata do yaaron..
Sara mehkhana pila do yaaron..

Meqaidon mein to piya karta hon..
Chalti rahon mein pee lene do..

Abhi zinda hon to jee lene do..
Bhari barsat mein pee lene do..

Ajj ki shaam bari bojhal hai..
Ajj ki raat bari qaatil hai..
Ajj ki shaam dhaley gee kaise..?
Ajj ki raat katay gee kaise?

Aag se aag bhujey gee dil ki..
Mujhe yeh aag bhi pee lene do..

Abhi zinda hon to jee lene do..
Bhari barsat mein pee lene do..

کبھی کبھی۔۔

کبھی کبھی لگتا ھے وقت آگے بڑھنا نہیں چاہتا ۔۔۔
کبھی کبھی آپ خود نہیں بڑھنا چاہتے ۔۔۔
کبھی کبھی آپ ہر چیز سے آنکھ بند کر کے بیٹھ جانا چاہتے ہو ۔۔۔
کبھی کبھی آپ چاہتے ہو سب مشکلیں خود ہی حل ہو جائے اور آپ کو کچھ نہ کرنا پڑے ۔۔۔
کبھی کبھی ہر چیز بری لگتی ہے ۔۔۔
کبھی کبھی اپنا آپ برا لگتا ہے ۔۔۔
کبھی کبھی دل چاہتا ہے تنہا رہوں اور کوئی تنگ نہ کریں ۔۔۔
کبھی کبھی دل چاہتا ہے کوئی ہو جو صرف آپ کو سنے، آپ کو سمجھے ۔۔
کبھی کبھی ۔۔۔ ہاں کبھی کبھی :)۔

NA may legislate pre-marital blood screening law soon

Courtesy By: Daily Times
* Draft of law suggests Rs 50,000-100,000 fine, 6 month-one year jail for violators

By Afnan Khan

LAHORE: The National Assembly may soon introduce legislation regarding pre-marital blood screening to control the spread of HIV/AIDS, thalassemia, hepatitis and other diseases that are transmitted through genetic abnormalities; blood transmission; and sexual relations, sources within the National Assembly said on Tuesday.

They said the government would impose stern punishment to enforce the law, which would be binding on every Pakistani couple. The punishments would range from a fine of Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000; six months to a year’s imprisonment; or both. Parliament is also planning on adding a provision to the law to collect the medical history of all Pakistanis deported from foreign countries, especially the Middle East, upon their arrival at airports. The sources said this was necessary as many people are deported from Middle Eastern countries after being found positive for HIV, hepatitis C, etc. Such people rarely inform the government or their families of these conditions to escape stigma and can thus spread the infections, they added.

The parliamentary sources said the law would be implemented through the thousands of basic health units (BHUs) functioning throughout the country. They said the officials working in these BHUs to keep a check on people violating the law.

The Standing Committee for Health in the National Assembly is due to meet today (Wednesday) to discuss the final timetable for placement of the bill before parliament and conduct a final debate on its pros and cons. According to committee Chairman Yasmeen Rehman, they would also discuss the issue of spurious drugs; shortage of life-saving medicine; and the high prices of medicines being sold by multinational companies.

She told Daily Times the committee had already drawn up the outline and major clauses of pre-marital blood screening law. She said passage of this law would ensure the safety of future generations from several deadly diseases.