AIDS affected couple weds in Karachi

Rubina Naz Weds Iqbal

This is the first time in history of Pakistan that two HIV/AIDS affected people have decided to marry and live a happy married life. Iqbal and Rubina Naz both are suffering with the deadly disease. Both bride and bridegroom are from Karachi.

Rubina’s first husband died 2 years ago with AIDS, while she was left behind suffering this deadly disease. Rubina has four children. Iqbal separated with his first wife four years back, he is also suffering from the same disease.

The families of both, Rubina and Iqbal, are happy on the couple’s decision of living a normal life. The newly wedded couple believes that their wedding will send a positive message to all those who are affected by HIV/AIDS. Rubina Naz is currently taking medical assistance from ARAA (Association for Rehabilitation of AIDS Affectees).

The wedding is being jointly financed by NGOs, Sindh AIDS Control Program and other Civil Society members. Their decision will prompt the people who are also suffering with this disease and will give them courage to face the life in a better way.


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