My last post has been made password protected and private due to some reasons.. and I might not open it again..

I ain’t a movie freak.. saw Kismat Connection today.. nice movie.. does it really happen that some person gets lucky for you? whenever you are stuck in a problem and if that person is around he/she can save you?

After watching Jab we met, I really want to do what Kareena used to do when she was angry.. yeah right.. abuse 🙂

Not a good thing I know.. but kia karen.. sometimes you just don’t have control over yourself..

Thalassemia day will be celebrated by Fatimid.. me and Salman both are being called.. as Dr. Aziz said.. they have entered our names in Committee..

God knows.. with the absence of mind what will I be doing.. or saying.. or telling.. or talking..

Prayers needed

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

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  1. Well, I was unable to access you blog when you updated it lately…

    Any how, unfortunately I read your post before it was protected!! I dunno what exactly is your story… but I think you shouldn’t have made that private post!!

    May be the one who betrayed you could read it and can guess how such acts could hurt any one!!

    Fi Amanillah!!

  2. I was unable to access your blog lately when you put up your last 2 posts!!

    Any how… fortunately I got the chance to read the post of yours that has been protected now.

    I don’t know what exactly is your story but I think you shouldn’t have made it private!!

    Because I believe, The One who actually betrayed you could have read it and realize that how sad is it when you are being hurt by any one!!

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