World Thalassemia Day..!

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Right.. picture says it all 🙂 we are no different from the rest..

Firstly our show goes on-air last night, then today I was called on FM 103 for speaking little bit about Thalassemia and patients with Thalassemia (will be getting recording soon, inshaAllah) thanks Shoaib for that 🙂 felt good.

Something me and Salman think:
Thalassemia Day: A day organized to aware people abt Thalassemia. I wish for a day when we organize it just to remember what thalassemia was.

And inshaAllah that day will come.. I wish government could have pass that medical bill and present it as a gift to Pakistan on this day… but no problem.. inshaAllah sooner or later they will do it.. we still have our hopes alive 🙂

To all the Thalassemics out there.. enjoy.. and feel special.. world celebrates our day too 😛

And to the Karachian who’s blood group is B+ kindly go and donate at Fatimid, they are running short from B+, I myself can’t get it 🙂

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