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A few days ago I was jarred out of my ignorance by an article I read in “The News” on thalassaemia major and the amount of blood required for its patients in Karachi. After raising this issue on Bloggers AP, I came in touch with Salman & Ayesha who run a very detailed website on Tmajor and its effects plus are actively involved in spreading awareness for this disease as well as organizing donations for its patients. So I immediatley went into interview mode and following are their very frank answers to my queries. Hopefully this will go a little step forward in us educating our selves on this disease and then going out to actually donate blood.

1) Why did you and salman start this effort? Tell us your story and the struggle behind it.
Our elder brother Nauman died at the age of 16, I was 12 at that time and I knew that doctors told our parents that kids with thalassemia don’t live for very long. So that incident was like confirming what the doctors said and it was very disheartning for us. Then I tried doing some personal research using some books I got from Fatimid then using internet and I realized that it’s not completely true — at that time I thought I should share the information I have found with others. And that very thought became the reason to launch a website dedicated to thalassemia.

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  1. “sorry dude, i don’t trust fatimid.” OR “sorry dude, AKUH is a total rip off I can’t donate there.” and even “sorry dude, i just donated my blood to chacha ki beti ki doast ki ammi ke bhai ke larke ke doast ko”

    If you think I denied for this reason….. trust me its not like that!! I know how bad it feels but I ve kinda religious factor for this!

    Donating blood for someone you don’t even know… it becomes charity… and blood is not meant to be given as charity. It is something given by Allah .. and should be saved for the right person. I don’t really mean if the other person should be your relative but yes, I would want to know who want my blood? and am I saving his life after donating him my blood ?

    Sorry to say Fatmid sells the blood which is unbearable for me. The blood which I give them for free is sold out! Can somebody from Fatmid justify this ?

  2. and can you prove this?

    If Fatimid sells the blood then all of us patients there — how do we get the blood? are we like being transfused Rooh Afza?

  3. btw, in the previous post regarding B+ shortage you said the same thing that you can’t donate to fatimid — even though the post clearly stated:
    “To be short, B+ blood group donors needed at Fatimid Foundation Karachi, as myself is B+ and I ain’t getting a single bag.. running low on hemoglobin 🙂 will have to wait till monday.. that is also if they got B+ in these two days..

    Kindly go and donate if you have blood group B+


    Your response was:
    “Well I am a B+ donor but the thing is I won’t give it to Fatmid at all!!
    If somebody in personal needs it do let me know!”

    What else do you want to know? Ayesha’s address telephone number? you want to talk to each patient before donating? be my guest. No body is saying that you can’t do that. You can visit Fatimid, you can visit Hussaini, you can visit KITCC, talk to the patients and find out how hard it is to get blood donations.

    I am not saying that Fatimid is perfect, they might have sold blood in past. But today’s reality is that they are catering to over 100 thalassemia patients and god knows how many Hemophiliacs per day.

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