Thalassemia Day


While cutting meat today I got this cut in my middle finger, didn’t notice but when I was cleaning hands and water rushed through the skin I was ‘ayeinnn,, yeh kab laga? (when did this happen?)’ saw the finger in light (no electricity u know..) it was bleeding 😀 haha.. khair.. it feels so ‘awww’ when something spicy touches the scar lol, mom made me eat food by her hands 😉 *mazay*

Coming back to the topic ‘Thalassemia Day’, Fatimid Foundation has completed its 25 years.. whoa.. big time!!, so tomorrow at Beach Luxury Hotel, they are celebrating Thalassemia Day + their 25 years 🙂 Congratulation to the team :)!

So have to be there..

That’s all for now..

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

6 thoughts on “Thalassemia Day”

  1. OMG!
    cut in your finger!
    why not all political parties sit and discuss this important national issue?:)

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