4 pills..


4 pain killers daily are not keeping my headache away.. grrrrr, now either my doctor would shift me on some pill for relaxation or maybe a tranquilizer.. tranquilizer would be given for sure.. because I ain’t sleeping properly these days.. I lay down on 2 am or 3 am as like my routine and I remain awake till 5/6 am.. then I sleep till 10.. ARGH!

and ofcourse the headache whole day make mess…, knee hurts so does the hands and so does the head uff.. am so stuck with this pain.. feel miserable

prayers prayers lots of prayers ;d

Take cares, Allah Hafiz!

2 thoughts on “4 pills..”

  1. I am reading your blog sometimes, and feel sorry to know that you are suffering from the headache.
    This may happen due to severe stress, also the hormone level is changing in the body that why pain in other parts of body, try to find out the cause of stress if any, try to calm yourself.
    Inshallah you feel better soon. I pray for you and you do pray for me too.

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