As many of you might have seen that news:

PPP workers, fans, etc would donate blood on Benazir Bhutto’s birthday

Many organizations, hospitals were included in this cause.. donating blood is ok, but for whom are they collecting? We asked at Fatimid and we got to know that blood collected would be gone for Pakistan Army.

Okay that’s fine too, but till then they will receive the blood wouldn’t be in its good condition..

More than 5 thousands bags were collected and they are stored at some local government hospital and being waste… why they couldn’t give it to the hospitals working for thalassemics/hemophiliacs patients?

Benazir would have got prayers from them.. but then again.. who will make Zardari understand this?

I never write about politics but this issue.. grrr! making my blood boil!

Note: AB+ & B+ blood is again short from Fatimid Foundation Karachi.. kindly go and donate generously


Get yourself registered as a blood donor @ Thalassemia.com.pk Donor System, it isn’t for Karachities only, anyone can register from all over Pakistan!

Need a break!

Finally I have successfully came out from lots of problems, issues, troubles, worries

1) mom being ill since 23rd June, getting admitted thrice till 4th July
2) brother having throat issue + running low on hemoglobin
3) exams
4) running low on hemoglobin myself

and finally mom is back to normal Alhamdulillah recovering, so is brother.., exams went so-so, mind stayed with mom while i stayed at examination room so it tells how well I would have done ehe.., got myself transfused 😉

what next? yes! NOW I NEED A BREAK! PLEASE??

Thinking what should I do now.. I mean done with intermediate *result pending*, now guide me what should I go for? BA? or something else?

and suggest me some short courses and some good institutes too please 🙂 *Karachi*

Haris Nadeem and a short notice get togather ;d

After a hectic morning and exam, I came home, munched up few bites, got ready and left for McDonald’s with Salman.

We got bit late due to Karachi’s traffic, almost everyone was there with the Cheap guest Haris Nadeem (Chief guest :P), Haris has come to Karachi for his vacations and on a very short notice he arranged this bloggers meet up, it was awesome meeting Haris Nadeem, though he was so quiet that I thought he only like to tweet/blog doesn’t like to speak ;p

It was wonderful meeting Jehan Ara, Faisal Kapadia, Mohammad Nawaz, Fariha, Sana Saleem, Aly, Munir Usman, Jamash and many others 🙂 *am sorry am bad at remembering names*

I felt very dumb among all of them, they are mashaAllah mashaAllah very talented, while am nothing *hehe*

After the introduction turn by turn we did lot of fun, like Talha ragging Haris & Hamza, making video of Haris while he was introducing himself 😛

Inshort I had great fun 🙂 thanks alot guys to make me feel like part of family 😉

Keep rocking

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz