As many of you might have seen that news:

PPP workers, fans, etc would donate blood on Benazir Bhutto’s birthday

Many organizations, hospitals were included in this cause.. donating blood is ok, but for whom are they collecting? We asked at Fatimid and we got to know that blood collected would be gone for Pakistan Army.

Okay that’s fine too, but till then they will receive the blood wouldn’t be in its good condition..

More than 5 thousands bags were collected and they are stored at some local government hospital and being waste… why they couldn’t give it to the hospitals working for thalassemics/hemophiliacs patients?

Benazir would have got prayers from them.. but then again.. who will make Zardari understand this?

I never write about politics but this issue.. grrr! making my blood boil!

Note: AB+ & B+ blood is again short from Fatimid Foundation Karachi.. kindly go and donate generously


Get yourself registered as a blood donor @ Thalassemia.com.pk Donor System, it isn’t for Karachities only, anyone can register from all over Pakistan!

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