Go Green!

Currently working as a volunteer for this campaign, what’s Go Green Campaign? Read below

Courtesy by: Pakiology.com
Paint the World Green, join the online campaign of Go Green and change your Display Picture (DP) to customized green DP.

GO GREEN is a public display of national unity on Digital World initiated by Farhan Masood on twitter and facebook. The ideology is to make every Pakistani on digital world, Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking website TURN GREEN. In a very short period of time he has managed to paint a big chunk of the social networking websites. Farhan is receiving a lot of requests and is editing the display pictures, adding a Pakistani flag into those DPs. Setting the right plat form for the Independence day.

Go Green Avatars
Some Of Go Green Avatars. Image courtesy All Things Paksitan

If you want your dp to go green then send your picture to greenkaro@gmail.com !

Go Green!

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