I have been away from my blog since long.., so much have been done and happened meanwhile..

Like.., Inter done (result pending), thinking what to do ahead.., searching for some institute where A+ certification can be done.., been ill.., ferritin (iron) high *thalassemia issue*.., for the first time in my life a doctor I know and love scolded me :d got rude with me.. literally showed me the door of her clinic *lol*.. yeah.. am laughing because she did because of my harkatain *doings*..

So, after getting scolding I have started to take ‘bit’ extra care of mine 😛

How can I forget my nokia 2630 getting drown in water :$ and dying.., my computer being ill, getting new computer, then Salman computer getting ill *grrr too much lol*

Now if you know about institute where I can do A+ certification kindly leave the comment ;d

That’s all for now..

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  1. What is A+ Certification?

    The A+ certification is vendor-neutral and consists of two exams. To pass, you must demonstrate knowledge of installing, configuring, upgrading, troubleshooting and repairing desktop systems. Updated in 2006 is the ability to choose the second exam from a list of three specialist exams that highlight one of the following roles: IT Technician, Depot Technician, or Help Desk Technician.

    🙂 Hardware course

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