7th October: Transfusion – all good

8th October: Meeting hematologist Dr. Usman – all good, happy, satisfied.

9th October: Bit drowsy and quiet.

10th October 6 pm: Drowsy, acting weird, not talking properly

10th October 8:30 pm: Taken to emergency, Agha Khan.

MRI being done, infection in sinus detected…

Admitted in Neurology Special Care Ward.

Several tests been done, meningitis been diagnosed, reports always worsen, no improvement, condition getting worst…, after 3 days stopped talking/responding.

Taken to Isolation Ward, having problem in breathing, shifted on ventilator moved in ICU same night.

Was breathing + ventilator was supporting till 2 pm on 17th Oct… then went on ventilator completely…

Doctor suggested to let him be on ventilator for next 48 hours, then will see..

No improvement, family been called, signed to remove ventilator..

And he left us at 2 pm on 19th Oct.

Rest in peace Salman

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