Salman – as a brother

A gem, a brother who said nothing when I use to scold/taunt him, a brother who never said no when I asked for anything, a brother who wouldn’t make face if I make him get up from sleep, always back me up if I ever had a fight with anyone, always laugh on my jokes/gangster activities, would call me by names that would make me laugh/smile, would always thank me for each and every work I would do for him, a brother who didn’t know how to order for any work, he would only request me

… and how bad sister he had… if he used to wake me up from sleep I used to make face, I used to get rude, rudeness wasn’t in his dictionary, he didn’t know how to say no.

Many friends have written for him, many people are remembering him in good words, imagine how he have been as a brother, as a son..

A GEM! words can’t define all that.., never! I can write on him all day/night… his qualities won’t end… but… just a prayer

Salman, May Allah grant you the highest rank of Jannat! *ameen*
Salman, forgive me for those hurting I did, for the tries we did to get you back to life, those tries might have hurted you, you didn’t speak a word but you might be hurt.. Please forgive me.. please forgive your sister who isn’t even 5% good compared to you.. PLEASE?

2 thoughts on “Salman – as a brother”

  1. No words, Just Prayer from the person who many a times wished to meet him, but Alas!. May his soul rest in peace. and May you and Aunty be blessed with the ‘Sabr-e-Jameel’ Ameen.

  2. Salman Mehmood,

    He was such a nice person, A source of inspiration. Have no words to describe him.

    May Allah give him Place in Janat and give Patience to all of beloved one’s. “Ameen”

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