FAiTh on The First Blast @ Dawn News

On the last day of 6th National Thalassemia Conference & Workshops I got a call from Dawn News that they wanted to interview me, it was indeed a pleasure to know that FAiTh is being given a chance to prove themselves.

On 30th December I gave interview at their studio, along with me there were Dr. Waleed Bin Azhar – CEO Fatimid Foundation, Karachi.

I have got the complete show video uploaded for you guys.

Dr Waleed tell what’s thalassemia, its issues, complications, etc. [Video 1 & 2]

I was called to be a motivational figure and I talked about life with thalassemia. [Video 3]

Mr. Nafees talked about his two children who were thalassemia major but couldn’t survive. [Video 4]

5 thoughts on “FAiTh on The First Blast @ Dawn News”

  1. AOA Ayesha,
    I am very pleased about your efforts regarding awareness of thalasemmia. Do you have a knowledge whether aborting child if he is a thalasemmia major (detected by a test after 8-10 weeks of pregnancy) is allowed by islam or not?

  2. Walaikum as Salaam Muddasir,

    If the baby has been detected with Thalassemia Major then within 120 days of pregnancy baby can be aborted, fatwa has been taken from all the religions.

    I hope I have answered your question clearly.

    -Ayesha Mehmood

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