International day, abc day, xyz day etc

I love you bhai!
I love you bhai!

I don’t understand how can people express their feelings in a day and let the other person know all the feelings in just one day?

I have never celebrated any such day, why? Because I believe in expressing it any day or every day, if you love your mom (everyone does but if you feel love for her one day) just go and express it, why wait for mother’s day?

It’s really hard to express love to someone sometime, I know because I couldn’t express my love for Salman, I couldn’t say I love you bhai!, and he is gone.. just one night.. just one night when I set all his room just before few days of his demise, I wrote a tweet for him:

“Not every time i do , i do for you BUT today whatever i did, i did it for you! So little infront of your doings, proud to have a brother like you.”

I couldn’t say this to him on face, I wasn’t shy.. but I don’t know why I couldn’t express.. he expressed his love for me every time I used to do something, he would give me cute pet-names and thank me for so many little things… but I couldn’t do it..

Now I don’t wait for anything, I just hug the person and express it.., because I know no one is going to stay with you for forever so stop waiting for days and express it :)!

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  1. Assalam u alaikum wa rehmatullah

    Very well and rightly said, these blah-blah-days — valentine mothers fathers women disabled children etc. whatever, these days are celebrated around the world by those who are least serious about it. What is the honour of a mother is unknown to these westerners who fill their old houses with elderly mothers n fathers …hat kind of women’s day they celebrate? they celebrate it for one day and rest 364 days the women are harassed n exploited . they r given the rights as Clinton gave to Monica? Or those who have made shameful professions legal for women so that they can earn living? and these PROPAGATORS OF WOMEN’S DAY . How shall one abuse them? what kind of women’s right they speak of???? KIDNAPPING DETAINING, ABUSING PHYSICALLY MENTALLY SEXUALLY AND DEPRIVING CHILDREN OF THEIR MOTHER? BROTHER OF A SISTER?MOTHER OF A DAUGHTER???? yes my dear brothers and sisters . I’m refering to our sister Dr.Aafia sidiqui…these satans these liars just lie in the name of so-called International women day. Just one Osama bin laden–and they took it as a great legal excuse to bomb hundreds and thousands of innocent afghan and Iraqi women and children??? whereas there is no United Nations no NGO no nothing to even speak about our innocent sister Dr.Aafia who is detained illegally ….wow –what a double-standard world …they speak of International women’s day– those who have well given rights to woman like afia sidiqi … may Allah stead her firm on Imaan . I would say to muslims who are trapped by such-such-days and my message to them is “if u really believe in the women rights then wake – first and foremost thing to do is to put all our efforts to retrieve dr.afia our sister and pursue those responsible who kidnapped tortured raped detained our sisters… whether b it in abu ghurayb jail or be it the case of dr. afia

  2. Society is actually influenced by the norms present in it. From the very beginning we are under influence of a number of elements which are against us, so now we need to develop a Leadership quality among ourselves, else we as a nation will be led by other societies instead of leading others. It totally depends on one’s own self how one take things and get influenced.

  3. very true!!!

    and some celebrated days such as Mothers’ Day and Women’s Day seem more irrational to me than some other days such as Earth Day.

    Yes, ‘Days’ that revolve around personal relations are i think a result of the western culture where people have grown so busy with their work that the very basic elements and needs of life have become something no worth giving time to on a daily basis.

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