best of luck!

best of luck!
best of luck!

receiving calls for website guidelines even though knowing I don’t know much about it.. but giving me privilege to be in loop and know what is happening, asking me for ideas, arguing over suggestions, telling every small update.., sharing the secrets of life with me..

this all has been done by Salman’s best friends (our ex-neighbors), they have been bugging me 😛 *didn’t mean it guys, don’t take it on heart, heh*, sharing their plan of their new business… asking for ideas, asking me to join the team, what not?

they are not letting me feel left out or absence of Salman… though no one can fill the space.. but still that means a lot.

they are now about to use their experience in a bigger and better scale, experience of printing, event managing, etc, am really happy for them! and I know they can do it 🙂

best of luck guys! lots and lots of prayers on your way 🙂 keep rocking!

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