Taught the lesson well!


While traveling from M.A Jinnah road, we faced unannounced rally, roads and streets were being blocked infront of us and we were made to travel from long route, mom wanted to get done with some shopping and I insisted her to get back to home but I couldn’t argue more and we ended up going for shopping.

Asked auto driver to take us at the back of Gul Plaza, as the front was off due to rally…, we got stuck at the back because there was a sign says ‘No Entry’ and three traffic officers were there to stop the cars from going that way…, our driver asked us to get down and start walking.., if it was me, I would have.. but as mom can’t walk much I requested them to let us go.., officer didn’t listen.. we were thinking to go home…, I saw a car crossing the same way and officer letting them go.., immediately I asked driver to drive near officer and let me talk.

I simply asked him why has he allowed that car? He came near and what he said to me was very funny, he said ‘parhe likhe hi rule torna chahte hain (only literate people wants to break the rule)’, he was pointing at me and I got shocked, couldn’t control and asked him ‘so you are illiterate?’, he made it his ego issue, made me stay there for 10 minutes and placed barriers ahead of auto.

Two other officers came near to us and asked me to calm down, even though I was but I asked them the same question ‘why did you let the car go?’ if you did.. now let me too..  because I ain’t going anywhere far and plus my mom can’t walk much.. otherwise I would never insist.

Both the officers made that egoistic office calm and let us go, I couldn’t stop smiling.., *oops* that made the office angry and he shouted ‘look at her! she is laughing’

LOL!, I did whatever I could just for mom.., I know many of you would think I did wrong.., I shouldn’t have ask driver to drive in no entry zone BUT what irritated me was officer breaking rule and then telling me rules? and then he made his ego issue when I pointed out his mistake? so it was a lesson taught well!, atleast from next time he won’t take risk of allowing anyone 😉

I am tested, are you?

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Kisi Ke Ho Ke Raho – Rabi Pirzada

Song: Kisi Ke Ho Ke Raho
Singer: Rabi Pirzada
Download: here

Though I don’t like Rabi’s and Annie’s voice (for me they both sound like mainducki(s) ;), no offense ;d), but this am posting just for the lyrics, if any of you know who’s the poet do let me know :)! wonderful Ghazal! am sure it’s written by some great poet..!