Kisi Ke Ho Ke Raho – Rabi Pirzada

Song: Kisi Ke Ho Ke Raho
Singer: Rabi Pirzada
Download: here

Though I don’t like Rabi’s and Annie’s voice (for me they both sound like mainducki(s) ;), no offense ;d), but this am posting just for the lyrics, if any of you know who’s the poet do let me know :)! wonderful Ghazal! am sure it’s written by some great poet..!

12 thoughts on “Kisi Ke Ho Ke Raho – Rabi Pirzada”

  1. never has a this kinda fabulous song by a female in pakistan history…
    great job.. keep it up,
    and i will defiantly appreciate the video director.. a great theme of old times, never had a this kinda video in pakistan history, everything is superb..
    but we all should promote our music and industry,instead of admiring indian,we should take look at ourself and should use our talent…
    i had lots of problems in downloading this song..
    no pakistani website upload this one, but if there is any other bollywood song,they uploads it before its release date…
    what i wanna confess is that,stop walking after indians,stop listening and watching their movies and songs and promote our film and music industry..
    we are not less than anyone,we are better than everyone…
    you guys are gonna see my debut song on music channels real soon… it is the new style Rap national song… i’m sure everyone would enjoy it…
    this is Hamza from sialkot(the land of legends)

  2. Am 45, an indian and a hindu… just chanced across this site…. but .. please no one take offence…I agree with most comments ….wonderful song … wonderful lyrics…god i could relate with the song so much…but hey its need not be about india pakistan in songs and feelings too…. just enjoy the moment guys! wonderful song…

    May God bless you all! Esp. you Ayesha..!! u have an impressive blog too..

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