As many of you have heard about ban on facebook, I just can’t get why government is banning it? I mean is it the only way to teach them a lesson?

When government don’t know what to do they simply ban the website, I mean can’t we teach the culprit some other lesson? can’t we trace the guy who started all this nonsense and send him behind the bars?

I agree that by banning facebook we are giving them financial loss and then they will remove all the nonsense, but what about the real culprits? you think they will stop? NO!, they will definitely find some other platform to harass us.

Blogspot has been banned in past, now facebook, how many websites are we going to ban? this will never stop them, there are people who talk and write nonsense about Islam and they are given the honor of being called ‘Sir’, we yet sit quiet and bear it.

If am not wrong there was some ambassador who have done something bad too? but still we sit quietly and watch..

I don’t have any concern with facebook, blogspot, anything! but government, when are they going to act intelligent? WHEN!

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  1. banning is just to show that if again some website, internet social community site allowed these things. they will suffer. so is to minimize ways to for the culprits to expose them self…. well i dont know where u like.. if u live in Pakistan then u should have an idea that the cant b behind bars.

  2. It is wrong to insult someone’s religion. Drawing Mohammed is insulting. Denying the Jewish claim that Israel is the holy land of the Jews is also insulting.

    Equally insulting. Both insult a religion’s claims. Both are equal insults.

    All of that should stop. But if someone wants to insult the Jewish religion by saying Israel is not the holy land of the Jews, then it must also be permitted to insult Islam by saying Mohammed was not the prophet of God. Same.

    People who think it is different are biased and racist, and I do not care about them.

  3. Hi there

    I came across your blog

    This evening, the BBC World Service Radio will be discussing the reaction to the Facebook draw Prophet Muhammed day and Pakistan’s move to possibly ban facebook.

    The show, World Have Your Say is a chatty global call-in show with large audiences in West Africa and America. We’d be keen to possibly have you on as a caller.

    Is there a number I can call you on to discuss further?

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  5. Irfan,
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  7. I totally agree with Ayesha. That it’s not the perfect solution of the problem. The main fault i guess is the un confident and illiterate Government.

    All the government officials are not well educated, they got seats on the basis of fake degrees.. i strongly request to Supreme Court that their should be a proper way of check in. Educated people should come forward who has ability and will power to tackle any problem.

    This Government is totally a bull shit, They dont know what does a democratic leadership men…
    They just know one thing that how to implement Tax and how to spend the nations money on amusements….

    Now its time to unite and kick out this uneducated, feelings less, and corrupt government.

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