Happy Birthday Salman

Dear Salman,

Friends, family everyone ask me to pray for you instead of crying and I agree to them.., I really agree to them, though you know Salman its not easy.. but since you are gone I am keeping me and mom busy.. so that we don’t cry.. and pray more for you.

Nothing can take away that pain, no one can replace you, nothing can change the reality.. no one can give you back to us now!

If you would have been here today.. we would have celebrated your 25th birthday with pizza, your favorite dishes, games, movies, what not? anything and everything you liked… but am sure.. you will be in heavens with your 70 virgins celebrating in the MOST BEAUTIFUL way we can even imagine :), Allah must have keep you in HIS beloved people.

I didn’t want to cry.. I didn’t by GOD!, but this email just made me..

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Saturday, June 24, 2006, and sent via FutureMe.org
Dear Me,
Happy Birthday to Me!

i hope i am still alive to read this mail,
i should have done atleast these few things:
i must have bought the dual monitors
wireless networking hogayee? and what about that wireless keyboard and mouse?
have i learned oracle yet?
did i crossed the 50k per month?
hmm.. and what about my car :sigh:

koi larki pasand ayee?
heh kia main bara hogaya?

chal filhaal keliye kafi hay

I don’t know why and when you wrote this email but you wanted to live to see this coming in your way…, but here I tell you Salman, that from the list of your wishes you did achieved some, like dual monitors 🙂 how badly you wanted them.. and I still remember the smile I saw on your face when I plugged both of your monitors 🙂 like a kid got a balloon for the first time 🙂

Wireless keyboard and mouse, remember you asked Fahad bhai to get it for you? though both couldn’t last long for much time but yes.. you loved them 🙂

50k? bhai.. you crossed 80k per month 🙂 we can’t forget how much you did for us, for family.. how can you :)? but am sure you would have.. because you were like that.. did and forgot..

There were millions of things you did in so little time and age.., but you gained your place and name in people’s heart.., family can’t forget you.. but am sure friends can’t too!

Happy Birthday once again 🙂

We love you and we miss you!

Enjoy the beauties of heaven 🙂 and don’t forget us!

Your weird and annoying sister

What else is left?

image courtesy : tribune.com.pk

I heard about LHC banning Google last night but I didn’t take it seriously, woke up late and found my whole twitter timeline filled with anger and sadness.. why? because LHC has order ban on 9 websites which includes, Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Hotmail, MSN, Amazon, IslamExposed, InTheNameofAllaH.

First of all why on earth someone has filed petition against search engines? Its you who search such stuff, search engine doesn’t hold your hand and makes you write.. does it?

Secondly why such petition is being given attention? don’t you guys at LHC have anything else to do? Do you even know there are thousands of people who get their bread and butter through internet?

A student takes help for his assignment, a website owner search content for his website, I myself use Google for so many things, oh GOD! what would happen to email ids on yahoo and hotmail :|? why on earth are you banning it!!!?

Dear LHC, there are people who are dying with poverty, look at the high prices of everything that a poor can’t afford but prefers to commit suicide, can you please do something about it? you became free judiciary because people all around the world joined the campaign on Facebook etc, worked hard showed care and concern for you.. and you are doing this to them? not fair.. not fair at all LHC! at least care about them?

At least show some concern for the people dying because of poverty, give your attention there.. and leave us alone.. please?

AND its people who search and see such stuff, they don’t force us to do so!! either give us back everything or take them away and send us in stone-age.

Last but not the least control yourself, your kids, DON’T TRY TO CONTROL ALL OF US!!

Thank you!


Blog didn’t win award but did win HP Thin USB Speakers from HP Pakistan! yay!!

How and why is the question, right? Well if you are on Facebook and is fan of HP Pakistan then you won’t ask me that question but if you are on Facebook but don’t know about HP Pakistan then this is the right time to know ;), HP Pakistan is having one question, one winner per day contest, and I won their gift hamper just by giving a simple question, check the amazing thin speakers, I loved it ;d

HP Thin USB Speakers!
HP Thin USB Speakers!

Media – Get a life!

Many of us know about the Kyrgyzstan issue going around, students getting killed, getting evacuated by the help of government…

Why are they getting killed or forced to leave their studies? Because of majority vs minority dispute? But what it has to do with the students? Who are gone for studies?  They go out of country to get higher studies not bullets on their chest; they get higher studies so that they can get a better job, to fulfill their parent’s wishes, their sibling’s demands… and what are they getting? Treatment which a terrorist would get, am very depressed over this situation.

But then this depression isn’t big in front of what ARY News did, just few minutes ago while checking out for news , I landed on ARY News, they were showing news that Ali Raza, a student from Pakistan died in Kyrgyzstan and his dead body has arrived to his home town.

They were interviewing his father, relatives and were making video of Ali Raza’s dead body again and again… I literally wanted to call and stop them; I mean how can they do it? You are simply dishonoring Ali Raza by showing his dead body, this is very unethical.

Where are your etiquettes media? It can be you in his place in near future, what would you like? getting captured by digital camera or would you like to have some photo shoot?

Please, show a bit respect…, can you?

FAiTh & World Blood Donor Day!

What FAiTh did on World Blood Donor Day:

Sent this beautiful card to our awesome donors around the Pakistan

World Blood Donor Day

Sent thank you text to our lovely donors registered in our donor system:

Ref: Thalassemia.Com.PK
World Blood Donor Day
It is no doubt that blood is the vital need of all human beings. And this is most true for thalassemic patients.
From all the thalassemia community – Thank you for the blood that you donated 🙂 Thank you for the gift of life!

Wrote an article @ The Express Tribune
You can read it here: World Blood Donor Day: Thanking those who saves lives

Got ANOTHER shield for arranging blood camps for Fatimid Foundation Karachi

This couldn't have been possible without you Thank you donors!, FAiTh once again got a token of appreciation from Fatimid

Nothing could have been possible if YOU were not with us. Thank you so much for love, support, care & the gift of life – Blood. Thank you!