1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards

1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards
1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards
***Post might contain some lines, expressions, feelings, comments which you may not like, but remember it’s just a blogger’s opinion :), no offense intended

Let me start post by congratulating CIO Pakistan, Google Pakistan for arranging the 1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards and then heartiest congratulation to all the winners 🙂

It all started when bloggers appealed to get recognizable around the world, get award for their blog, to showcase their blogs. Then CIO Pakistan and Google Pakistan started their engines and gave us www.blogawards.pk, some bloggers nominated themselves, some got nominated by their fans and after 5 to 6 months, awards were being announced!

On 28th May 2010, bloggers were invited to Regent Plaza, Karachi for the award ceremony and new media unconference. Heading towards Regent I knew am not going to win but yet I was very excited for my friends, I had a feeling that award ceremony would be classy, one of its kind.

Ceremony started a bit late with a welcome song by Salman and Yasir, after the wonderful performance there was first session of unconference on Innovation in Media then some awards then second session on Selling 3.0 then some awards and then third session on Engage & Converge and then some awards, the bloggers were handed awesome goodies bag by CIO Pakistan and Google Pakistan, which contains our traditional Ajrak, notepad, key chain etc. Oh did I tell you about the theme :)? It was Ajrak!!, liked it.

There were some drawbacks which I felt, not necessary that you all agree on them too 🙂

  • Theme was traditional, liked it no doubt.. but I think ceremony should have started by Allah’s name (Tilawat-e-Quran)
  • Sessions were quiet boring, sorry to say but I didn’t even bothered to listen to them.. they couldn’t make us listen to them
  • Till the end it was okay but then Special Jury Awards? Sorry but it looked quiet biased and unprofessional
  • Why 4 awards in Technology category :)? 2 could be enough.. but 4?
  • Back in December, Thalassemia cause was being supported by CIO Pakistan and Google Pakistan so why not in the awards? Wasn’t it should be nominated as a Pakistan’s cause? I don’t think I should have mentioned this myself 🙂
  • It was advertised very well but wasn’t presented that well.. maybe because it was 1st time? Theres so much to get improved!
  • Once again Congratulation to CIO Pakistan, Google Pakistan and all the winners!

    Winners list can be viewed here, CIO Pakistan’s post and photographs

    13 thoughts on “1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards”

    1. I must say… 90% of the awards were biased decisions…
      I am sorry to say, all these bloggers condemn and protest through their platform for their illegal activities and superb decisions….. yet deny the fact that they are biased themselves….

      There is a hadit of our beloved prophet, that “your rulers would be chosen among yourself. You would be same as your rulers are”

      Isn’t that true ?? I am sure none of them would answer to this!! which is their ignorance… just like our government do!!

    2. Very rightly composed! I agree with all the points here. Should have started off with Tilawat, the panel discussions were super boring and a waste of time. The entire program got really delayed for no reason. Alot of improvements could be done to these kind of shows and yes hats off to CIO and Google for arranging. Hopefully the next ones will be more entertaining. Lastly the Jury awards really threw me off .. if categories could be added for awards then more blogs should have been given awards. And yes rightly pointed out for Thalassemia it should have won an award too.
      Also even the criteria for winning was unclear so maybe standardization would help for the next ones and fair judgement would take place
      Apart from the criticism, a good platform for bloggers and recognition for sure

    3. very well written with excellent analysis…things did reaaaalllllyy got bored…and the awards decision also seemed unfair to some,but we are the ones who will criticize them for the betterment…and i m sure they will think before handing out ana award many times…finally i also would like to congratulate cio pak and google for arranging the show…

    4. Hello All, Assalamualikum

      Even though I was not present in the ceremory nor I have any direct concerns what so ever with the way the blogs award were conducted or the criteria at which the awards were handed, I too wanted to raise the question about 4 young people winning the technology blog. I understand and appreciate the hardwork all these 4 put in but don’t you think its unfair and unjust IF they were selected because of their personal ties with the judge?

      If and i repeat only IF, these awards were given on the basis of favourism then I should point the judge eye towards Pakistan politics and how Dasti was elected again and let him / her to think.

      Thank you.

      The very one!

    5. Bravo! Well written, a good analysis Ayesha. Let us take back the blogosphere from so called champions of it – who are not even bloggers themselves!

    6. Agreed with all points mention by you . and yes the award were biased specially in tech cateogary . i know there is sum b/w haris and rabia,

    7. I totally agree with the writer,I will also like to highlight one more issue,It was a Blog Award not Website Award, I think CIO \team is smart enough to differentiate between blog and a website.Still they gave awards to websites.

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