Life has to move on…!

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal ~From a headstone in Ireland

I always used to get annoyed and irritated when dad were used to teach me how cheque book is filled, how telephone gets fix, how to get millions of things done…, I used to be so annoying and asked dad so many times that why you teaching me all this when you are there for everything and if you still want to teach then please teach Salman, am not a guy!

But his answer always stayed the same “you don’t know anything, just keep learning! you  never know when all these things come handy”, with a bad mood I learnt everything…, I never knew the way of life he wanted me to adopt will come handy because he will be leaving this world so soon..

Soon after his death all the teaching came handy in all aspects of life…

I just can’t forget anything… anything related to dad.. whatever he taught was for my good… whatever I am today is because of him and mom…, friends say am very brave and strong…, my mom and dad made me strong… they backed me up every time for every little thing, my upbringing has been like a son… am grateful to you dad for everything you taught me… for everything you did for us… in short for EVERYTHING!

But there is one thing I learnt from dad and I don’t know when it gonna be coming handy to me… it was smoking ;d

Jokes apart dad…, I love you and miss you a lot 🙂 may you stay at the highest rank of Jannah! *ameen*

-your annoying daughter

4 thoughts on “Life has to move on…!”

  1. Life Evolves

    No doubt this is because of our parents and cause of those who often teach us while the Go .. we are what we are

    and its indeed admirable to thanks them in a healthy way possible

  2. This heart-touching post of yours leaves me speechless (being I’ve lost mine as well), surely 1 of ALLAH’s biggest blessings is not with you in physical form but I’m sure he stills living in your heart and will remain there to help you to come out of all obstacles & problems you may face in your life (May ALLAH forbid).
    May ALLAH Keeps Him Under HIS Blessings, Rise Her Among The Good-Ones on Judgment Day and Grant Him Place in Janat-ul-Firdous Accompanied By Family & Friends Along With HIS Prophet (SallALLAH-o-Alaih-e-WaSalam) – (Ameen-Sum-Ameen)

  3. I am sorry to hear of your loss 🙁

    But yes, that’s what my parents do all the time with me as well.. in fact my maternal grandfather still does it with my mom all the time haha..

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