Growing Pakistan ?

Is it me or really Pakistan has changed? I feel so backward… I mean I don’t belong to any political party or organization, I don’t carry any party flag or badge… either I need life or they?

Firstly PPP flags flying in Islamabad since Benazir Bhutto birthday…

And now something which broke my heart…

First when people used to visit the famous Paper market in Karachi during August, they used to see lots of Pakistan flags and Pakistan badges, just Pakistan… nothing else.

But this time when I stepped in Paper Market to buy Flag and badges… I could see a very famous party flags and badges floating in the market, this isn’t enough… making and selling is just forget it… but my heart tore when I saw many people actually buying it… instead of Pakistan flag and badge they were buying party flags and badges… I don’t know

about any other person… but I personally didn’t like it.

Its Pakistan’s Independence or your party? Quaid-e-Azam was the founder or your party leader?

We need to learn… we need to grow up…

While coming back home on the way I saw many party fans riding on their bikes with party flags on…cars back covering with big flags.

Why can’t we live for Pakistan? Not for party… not for those people who are ruining country… for the people who gave us Pakistan!?

It’s not “tera Pakistan, mera Pakistan (mine Pakistan, yours Pakistan)” its “hum sab ka Pakistan (ours Pakistan)”.

Live for Pakistan, die for Pakistan!

Pakistan Zindabad!

P.S: don’t forget our brothers and sisters who are effected by flood today, come forward and help generously!

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